The "Domain Industry Business Leaders Survey" is an attempt to take the pulse of the industry and how it views many of our leaders over the past year. Anybody can be nominated and the survey is based upon four business, three community and three individual conduct questions. This is a questionaire that relates to who you think who has shone as the industry's greatest leader over the past 12 months NOT over all time. The person you may nominate may not have their own domain portfolio but operate in one of the four domain business models (eg. broker, parking etc).

When answering each of the survey questions please use the slider for scaling from 0 to 10. You can ONLY vote for one person and no application will be accepted without also adding the name of the person you are nominating and your email address. You will need to register at Whizzbangsblog to view the online results.
Who are you nominating (first and last name)?
How successful are they in each business model?
Not at all
Traffic Monetisation
Stock item domain sales (less than $2000)
High value domain sales
Developing domains into businesses
How they relate to the domain community?
To what degree do they openly share with the industry?
How positive do they represent the domain industry?
How often do they address big industry issues? (eg. transparency, pricing, shill bids etc.)?
How do they conduct themselves one-on-one?
How ethical do you believe they are in their business dealings?
How often have they gone above and beyond or shown personal sacrifice?
To what degree are they respectful of others in the industry?
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