What is Your Purpose?

What's your purpose?

Each of us has an incredible amount of potential inside and the secret to unlocking it in your life is by discovering your purpose. The question I have for you is more about your purpose, “Why do you do what you do?”


Having a vision for your life is vitally important as it’s your guiding star that will assist you as you make life’s decisions. Your purpose though, is how you journey through your life, how you interact with others and how you bring your unique “you” to the world around you.

Another way of viewing this is to think about your vision as being “what you’re doing” while your purpose is “why you are doing it”. It’s the why that is often the hardest to answer. For example, many of us can articulate the vision of the company we work for, but can we say anything about the why? It bears thinking a lot about.

For instance, I may have a vision to build a world leading domain company, but I may view my personal purpose is to help others become financially free. Yes, I’m building my company but I’m doing it by assisting partners get free from financial bondage. Nothing makes me happier than when I see a partner reach a personal financial milestone.

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