Last year, some of you may remember that I set myself the challenge of launching a new business. Although it was a significant challenge I managed to attract enough customers to make it worthwhile and it’s continued to expand with a whole flock of repeat clients.


For the past week or so I’ve been working diligently on opening a new market vertical. Attracting new clients from a different market vertical is taking a much bigger investment than I thought but I’m determined to reach them.

If you remember from previous blog articles, the first incarnation of the business involved positioning a bird bath in the garden outside my study window. It took quite some doing but after moving it around and laying out some bread crumbs I’ve managed to attract a number of bird families as my first clientele.

The photos below can testify to the success of my existing venture….but I wanted the business of me enjoying watching the birds from my study window to expand.


Roselyn gave me a bird feeder for Christmas and after a bit of a rig moral I managed to get it hung up underneath the house eaves. It should be noted at this point that I’m mechanically dyslexic. I’m right at home with a keyboard and screen but give me a hammer and I’m likely to smash a window. So for me to actually hang the bird feeder up was nothing short of a miracle.

After loading the feeder up with some delicious seeds, I waited patiently for over a week for a parrot to partake of the buffet. Sadly, none emerged. I tried a number of other tactics to attract them, including placing a pile of seeds on the grass. Still nothing worked. With grim determination I’ve now begun moving the feeder around the garden and I’ve finally hung it in our apricot tree….with any luck I’ll have more success there.

This brings up an important business point. If what you are doing is not succeeding, then don’t keep on doing it! The number of domain investors I’ve heard complain about their traffic revenues declining and then do nothing about it stagger me. When you’re in a Google freefall, whatever you do, grab onto the little shrub on the cliffs edge….it may just surprise you about how strong it is.

Have a great weekend!