20190624_sadenom3 What's happened to Enom?

I’ve had a long-standing reseller account with Enom for many, many years and being a bit lazy I really haven’t checked the pricing for a while. I had the need to register a .com recently and as is my habit I found what I was after and went through to my shopping cart. Boy was I in for a surprise!


I couldn’t believe it but Enom was trying to charge $13.50 for .com domain? Considering that I also use Epik for my personal domains I’m more familiar with paying $8.49. The difference doesn’t sound very much until you multiply it over a lot of domains…..suddenly that five star vacation is getting further away with every registration.

For those of you that are wondering why I didn’t just register the domain at Epik in the first place then you’d be asking a great question. Call it stupidity on my part and I mistake I don’t plan on making into the future.

When did all these pricing changes at Enom happen? I actually have no specific date but wouldn't be surprised if it related to being purchased by Tucows. There’s one thing for sure, the remainder of my domains at Enom will shortly be finding another home.

I should also mention that .org and .net domains are $17.00 at Enom while at Epik they cost $10.60 and $9.95 respectively. Clearly Enom is doing whatever they possibly can to repay the Tucows investment….including hiking prices.

BTW, this isn’t a plug for Epik….they provide a good service at a great price and I think companies like this deserve a little attention.

Despite the pricing faux-pas, it’s going to be quite sad that I’ll be parting ways with Enom as they were my go-to registrar of choice for close to sixteen years. Sometimes good things must come to an end.

I’d love to know what registrar readers would recommend and the reasons why…..so leave a comment below. Also, if anyone is from Enom is reading this and would like to have a chat about the article then please reach out to me....I'd really like to hear from you.