20181204_qantas Traveling around the world....!

As per my normal routine I find myself in the Melbourne Qantas Club and about to embark on a two-week world whirlwind tour of the world. It sounds glamourous until you consider truly terrifying statistics such as being away for 14-days and only having 11 nights of accommodation booked.


On the bright side I was excited to hear that my flights will no longer be flying through either Iran or Iraq. This put a bit of a smile on my face as I thought of denying the republican guard a chance to play with their shiny new toys (ie. Surface to air missiles).

Being a bit of a geographic aficionado I then prayed that the flight would somehow miss the Ukraine as well. It wasn’t so long ago that a certain aircraft was downed by eager “freedom fighters” in their effort to defend what was “rightfully” theirs. So it will be with welcome relief when I enter European airspace.

This is one of the problems with a round earth. If you keep on heading west (like I’m going to be doing), you end up getting back to where you start. Now if the flat earth people were right then it may be possible to just bypass these crazy regimes…..in many respects, it’s a shame they aren’t right as it would make traveling from Australia much easier.

Why am I heading around the world? I’ve found over the years that skype is awesome but sitting across from someone and having a meal with them is better. You really seem to get to know people when you can see their expressions devoid of pixilation.

As well as heading to Europe I will be flying into Austin Texas for NamesCon. Out of all of the conferences I’ve ever attended I’m most excited about this years NamesCon. For a start, it’s not in Las Vegas. I’ve been sick of visiting Vegas for the past couple of decades so anywhere would be better than there and Austin looks like a happening city.

Secondly, it just so happens that I’ve been given the privilege of sharing the first keynote session on the opening day. I must admit that being offered this honour got my blood going and caused me to do a massive dive into terabytes of data so that the presentation will be riveting for attendees.....I hope it is anyway!

In the presentation (no spoilers here) I plan on sharing some data about the past that will help explain why many investors are experiencing what they are in their own businesses. I’m then going to tackle the future and what needs to be addressed in the years ahead for a revolution to spur domain investment forward. All very exciting stuff.

Oh dear…..I’ve just had my flight called so I’d better get going. I hope to see you all in Austin and wish you all the best in your own travels around the world.