20200620_week14 What's happened this past week in the domain industry.

What a difference a week makes! In this industry update we can definitely see that Google is getting a lot more aggressive with securing more of the domain traffic while the direct advertising networks are struggling.


The question I find myself asking is, “What’s causing this change?”

At this stage I can only guess that COVID-19 is having a big impact on advertising networks that don’t have a depth of clientele that are wanting to secure the traffic. If a client stops advertising, then there isn’t another to take their place.

Typical mainstays of the direct advertising networks have always been the travel and finance sectors. No one is traveling and loans are scarce as the population hunkers down for a second wave of the virus. This makes the direct advertising networks more vulnerable to global shocks.

That being said, the numbers are still looking very positive and as the video shows, it’s all good for the domain investor.