20200704_lifeprinciples_trust Trust is the basis of every relationship.

Trust is the second Life Principle that forms the bedrock of my own life. All relationships are built upon a basis of the truth (from the previous week’s video) and trust. In fact, you could also say that society is built upon an unspoken contract of trust.


When I look at the world today one of the things that dismays me the most is the assault upon the bonds of trust between us. COVID-19 has brought about an air of suspicion where people are fighting for the “I” rather than the “we”. You can witness this behavior at supermarkets as shelves are emptied in a frenzied zeal to protect “me”.

What makes a person trustworthy and how can we become more trustworthy ourselves? In this video I outline the characteristics of trustworthy people and what I personally look for in someone that is trustworthy.

I hope you are enjoying this Life Principle series. Have a great weekend.