Advertisers roar back into the market. Advertisers roar back into the market.

What a difference a week can make to the statistics pouring across the Internet. This week we saw a sharp rebound in the Google and more in particular the Direct Advertising network numbers. If you haven’t looked at one of my weekly videos before then this is the one to check out.

As well as the RPM and normalized RPM number pulling around a lot of other great things have been taking place. I recently uploaded a new lesson on MasterClass Lessons ( that digs deep into Traffic Quality and why is it that some domains are better than others. If you haven’t done the series on domain monetization then I would encourage you to do so….after all, it’s free!

I should also mention that I am starting a club on ClubHouse….really couldn’t resist actually. It’s on “Entrepreneurship and Life” and will be discussing a wide range of topics that impact not just an entrepreneur’s business but all aspects of their life. I will be hosting it at 4pm Friday EST so make sure you come a check it out.