Industry Update - 19 Mar 2021

Great numbers for a great week!

This past week I decided to acquire a couple of great domains…..and they are both new gTLDs. Yes, you read the correctly, I’ve has finally gone rogue and bought a couple of awesome premium domains. So what are they?

Both of the domains I purchased are .CLUBs. I’ve actually always been a fan of .CLUB and over the years I’ve secured a few great ones. This time I grabbed and I plan on using both of these domains for myself. The first one, MG is my initials (Michael Gilmour) and the second is for a ClubHouse I’ve setup which is all about MAXimising your business and life.

I’ve now setup a clubroom and each week I will be hosting an event that will discuss topics such as, “Life Principles”, “How to hire good people”, “Balancing Business and Life” etc.

Topic this week: “Dealing with Disasters”
Time: 4pm USA Eastern
Clubhouse: (search for the club in ClubHouse)
In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this week’s stats!

  733 Hits
733 Hits