Most useful tips on what to do to make your essay great

An essay is a composition written by a student on a topic which was given by the teacher. Essays are typically written in college and university. Teachers make students do such assignments to determine if students have understood the topic during their classes. But, even though essays are mainly written in schools, it doesn’t really mean you won't need to write an essay after the graduation. There are numerous professions which involve writing essays pretty much every day. Hence,writing an essay is a skill that each and every person who wants to be successful should have. Not only will it help you get high grades but it can also help you in your future profession. Below you will find some great tips which you can use to write an excellent paper. You can buy uk dissertation if you click on link!

Make sure you use the right outline. There are certain elements which each essay ought to have. They are:

Introduction: This is the part in which you tell your reader everything you plan to discuss in your paper. Additionally, it can contain the introductory piece in which you form your thesis statement. Not to make the reader confused make sure that your intro is well-defined.

Body: This is definitely the most important element of your essay. It must contain all of your arguments for or against the discussed topic of your paper. We advise you to start to begin each paragraph of your essay with introductory statement and it end with a concluding statement. This will help to make your essay easy to read.

Conclusion: This part should sum up everything that you have wrote in the body of your essay. It's also advisable to review your thesis statement within this paragraph.

Eliminate Grammatical Mistakes

Even the most interesting and well-structured essay can be ruined if it there are grammatical errors in it. You should definitely check the usage of pronouns, conjunctions, nouns and other words in order to make sure that you use the correctly. Additionally, it's extremely important to check if you use the punctuation at the end of each and every sentence. As a result your paper will be easy for the reader to read. To check if your essay is written without grammatical errors, you can check if with online checker of ask a friend to read it, after you are finished your writing. We also advise you to ask a professional writer to proofread and edit your essay. The writers we cooperate with offer excellent proofreading and editing services which will help you polish your essay prior to when you hand it in.


If you want to write an excellent essay, you should definitely make some research. Check if your paper has as much information concerning the given topic as possible. Make sure you use the proper resources and arrange everything properly.

Have a Draft

Before beginning to write your essay, we advise you to put all of the ideas you have in a draft it will enable you to arrange all your thoughts in order of importance. This will help you to make your essay well-organized.

Understanding how to write a paper requires practice and time. While you are still learning, you can trust our professional writers for essay services. Give us a call if you want to buy essay or need proofreading and editing help.

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On Our Way to Europe!


I often find myself in the Qantas club at Melbourne airport and is my custom I like to write a few thoughts down. For the past 11 years I’ve largely been traveling for business but this time’s it’s different…..Roselyn is with me.

After 5 years of planning, delays due to too much on and a myriad of other reasons we’re finally leaving on a 5-week vacation through Europe. It’s like a dream come true.

Rather than be morose that I’m leaving home again to travel by myself to the other side of the world this time I’m full of energy thinking about the adventure we’re about to share together. We figured that after 30 years of marriage it was about time we started doing some more world exploration together.

With all these pleasant thoughts running through my head I then remembered the fact that we’re about to embark on a 25-hour journey in a flying tin can. When you think about it, planes have a lot in common to an aluminium drinking vessel.

The doors pop open with a pressure equalising hiss, so does a can when you open it. The sides are made of the same metal as a can of Coke and the atmosphere is about as about as caustic to life. That being said, I’m strangely looking forward to this journey as it will involve watching movies rather than building powerpoint presentations.

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Have you ever had one of those blinding flashes of brilliance where you realise something really important about your life? Both Roselyn and I experienced this recently when we realised our kids were old enough to fend for themselves.

Let me assure you the sudden freedom is nothing short of exhilarating! So what’s the first thing we did? Yes, you guessed it! We registered a domain and built a website to chronicle our adventures in the next stage of our life together…..and that’s where LifeExplorers.Club was born.

You may ask, why Life Explorers? To put it really simply we love life and we see so many adventures ahead. As far as we’re concerned life is beginning again at 50!

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Merge Conference Powers Forward!


You would have to be completely deaf to not have heard about the upcoming Merge conference to be held in Orlando from the 14th-18th October. It’s shaping up to be a real highlight of the year for not just the domain industry but industries that run alongside it.

Both Jothan Frakes and Ray Neu are the driving force behind Merge. Their experience in running conferences over many years (NamesCon, The Domain Conference, TRAFFIC to name but a few) is clearly evident as they pull together the event.

It seems that almost every day a new top-notch speaker is being announced that will add a significant amount of value to attendees’ experience. Some of the line-up include; Jennifer Wolfe (CEO of Dot Brand), Chris Disspain (ICANN director), David Sams (Emmy winning TV producer) plus a over 52 others.

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Hi Michael - took a moment to look up from the preparations for the event to see this article and we were delighted to see such a ... Read More
19 September 2017
It's shaping up to be an awesome conference! Well done to you, Ray and the whole team. Both Roselyn and I will be there next year.... Read More
19 September 2017
Both you and Roselyn will be missed as we can't remember ever having a show without you, your smile, your enthusiasm and your grea... Read More
19 September 2017
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Saturday Musings - Crazy and Hectic!


The clock is ticking as we’re on the downhill race towards the longest vacation we’ve taken in over 11 years. Now that our children are old enough to look after themselves, Roselyn and I are heading away to Europe for six weeks as a part of our 30th anniversary celebrations.

There’s a myriad of infinitesimal details that need to be rounded up before embarking on the journey. The chore of making sure the bills are paid while we are away (can’t they just wait???), we have Internet on our phones at a half decent price (ie. not extortionate) and the older children we’re leaving behind clearly understand there are to be no parties while we are gone.

On the last point… a wink between our two daughters a bit of a joke or something I should be worried about?

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Yes! We are going to: Katakolon (Olympia) Nafplion Piraeus (Athens) Piraeus (Athens) from the 17th to the 20th October. Where do y... Read More
16 September 2017
We will be in Athens on the 19th and 20th Oct. Sign-up here and I can then PM you the more specific details. It would be great to ... Read More
17 September 2017
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