Are Cryptocurrencies Doomed?


This past week has seen a dramatic turn-around right across the board in the crypto-currency space. Literally billions of dollars have been slashed off the market value of many of the currencies and the once darlings of the media have quickly become pariahs.

I watched a financial commentator on the local news speaking almost with glee on the dramatic fall from grace of Bitcoin and how cryptocurrencies were completely crazy. He then flashed up a few charts that reinforced his point that cryptocurrency investors were obviously bonkers.

I was chatting with my brother the other day and like the news commentator he also missed the single defining point about cryptocurrencies…..and that is, not all of them are created equal. Unlike fiat money which is essentially the same no matter whether its dollars, pounds, euros or whatever, cryptocurrencies can often have a business model that is attempting to solve a real-world problem.

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Not to mention that everyone seems to be conveniently ignoring the fact that the market overall had regained more than half the "l... Read More
21 January 2018
Worked out well for me. Bought more when they started to bottom out!
21 January 2018
Jeff, between your Constant yet inconsistent Use Of Sentence Case, and your rampant ravings seemingly without basis, I just can't ... Read More
23 January 2018
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Are You Going To NamesCon?


It’s not long until NamesCon and it looks like it’s shaping up to be bigger and better than ever! As well as all of the excellent sessions there are a host of networking events that will ensure that attendees will get the most out of the conference.

As well as being asked to be a moderator on the Sunday I also have the privilege of sharing in a session title, “Data Mining for Revenue with Registries and Registrars” on Monday at 11am in the .ASIA room. I must admit that I’ve pulled some great data together for this session and if you’re a registrar/hosting company or a registry then I hope that it will show you how you can tap into some significant opportunities in your business.

What really makes NamesCon a “not to be missed” conference is the quality of the attendees. Nine times out of ten, after speaking with a person you’ll find there is a large potential opportunity for you both just waiting to be unlocked. The challenge at the end of the conference is to work out which ones you will pursue first.

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Saturday Musings - Dealing With Bullies


I was looking out my study window this morning and enjoying watching a family of birds as mum responded to the constant chirping of a youngster with a tasty morsel. All at once two slightly larger birds from a different variety swept in and began attacking the youngster.

The parents defended their child and a few friends flew in to help drive the bullies off. It wasn’t very pleasant viewing, but it reminded me of a number of things about the behaviour of some humans.

Bullies come in all shapes and sizes, but their ultimate goal is to control those around them. When they act alone they pick on the perceived weak or a person that is in no position to fight back. When they act as a group they will inevitably demonstrate their power and influence publicly, so they can intimidate others into submission.

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You have to be especially careful when dealing with a bully in the workplace. The last place I worked for had a horrible one, and... Read More
14 January 2018
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Saturday Musings - New Market Vertical


Last year, some of you may remember that I set myself the challenge of launching a new business. Although it was a significant challenge I managed to attract enough customers to make it worthwhile and it’s continued to expand with a whole flock of repeat clients.

For the past week or so I’ve been working diligently on opening a new market vertical. Attracting new clients from a different market vertical is taking a much bigger investment than I thought but I’m determined to reach them.

If you remember from previous blog articles, the first incarnation of the business involved positioning a bird bath in the garden outside my study window. It took quite some doing but after moving it around and laying out some bread crumbs I’ve managed to attract a number of bird families as my first clientele.

The photos below can testify to the success of my existing venture….but I wanted the business of me enjoying watching the birds from my study window to expand.

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FYI, Parrots (and most tropical birds) tend to love fruit. You might have much better success laying some fruit slices out in a d... Read More
07 January 2018
After all you have drilled about doing research to make attracting new clients easier and more cost effective, I would be surpris... Read More
09 January 2018
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What's going to happen in 2018?


I would like to start by wishing readers a very prosperous 2018. This sounds really good but what does it mean? Where are the opportunities and how will you take advantage of them?

Whenever I think of investment opportunities I’m forced to reflect upon the underlying business models being adapted. Whether it comes to domains, crypto-currencies or anything else it’s the business models which ultimate will or will not produce the results we all dream of at the beginning of the year.

Let’s tackle the domain investment business models:

For the past year and a bit, I’ve been working on a platform for better monetising domain traffic. The key here was to build a platform that more accurately understood the traffic while at the same time building both immediate and residual revenue. I can only say, watch this space… my first evolution of this will be launched shortly.

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I wish you all the best in the New Year as well!
06 January 2018
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