Saturday Musings - How do you make decisions?


In this article, I’m going to make myself a little vulnerable as you read about some of my innermost thoughts. I hope and pray, that you respect this as well as receive some additional insight into what makes Michael Gilmour tick. Ultimately, my goal is to hopefully encourage you to think about your own life and what’s important to you.

Over the years I’ve found people journey through life in one of three ways:

  1. They avoid making decisions as much as possible and let others make the decisions for them. This is like being flotsam on the water and tossed back and forth while blaming everyone else for the mistakes you find yourself in.
  2. They make decisions based upon what is directly in front of them at that point in time. This is like playing a game of chess by looking one move ahead….you’re unlikely to get anywhere.
  3. They have a core sense of purpose which is based upon a set of beliefs that influence everything they do. Sometimes this core set of values is articulated while most of the time it comes of a sense of what is right and wrong.
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When Things Really Go Wrong...


Monday was not a good day for me. Normally speaking, I love Monday’s as they are the start of a new week and I’m full of unrealistic aspirations of what I’m going to achieve. So what happened to change my typically upbeat positive demeanour?

It all started when I looked at my beloved computer that had been with me through thick and thin. I knew instantly that something was wrong and it wasn’t long before I found that my applications drive was non-existent. It was dead, kaput, cactus, non-useable and worse than all of these “invalid”.

I’m quite regimented in how I setup my computer. Data is on my NAS (Network Access Server) in a mirrored array that is backed up every night to a separate drive in a different machine. All is good. My operating system, MS Office and browers are on drive C in my PC on an SSD drive that is regularly snapshotted as a backup. The rest of my applications are on drive D and Drive D was the one that blew……sigh…..

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Saturday Musings - Handling Stress


I know of very few people that don’t suffer from stress and fewer still that haven’t been massively stressed at some time during their life. So over the years, what have I learned about handling stress?

When I was training for my private pilot's license, my flying instructor explained to me a simple principle about how to handle stress in the cockpit. He said there may be a time when the workload increases to the point where you become incredibly stressed and find your decision making suffers.

I must admit that I thought that could never happen to me, after all, I’m a smart guy so my instructor must have been thinking about other people. How many times have you listened to someone sharing some wisdom born out of experience only to think they were talking to someone else?

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Interview with Eric Lyon - NamePros Moderator

Interview with Eric Lyon - NamePros Moderator

Eric Lyon is one of the moderators at domain industry forum NamePros. In this video he shares some advice for old time domain investors as well as newbies to the industry. He also talks about Scorpion agency, his design and brand management company that works with clients all over the world.

I hope you enjoy hearing from one of the very special people in our industry as he shares from the heart his thoughts on domaining.


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Optus - An Incompetent Internet Provider

Optus - An Incompetent Internet Provider

It’s not often that I experience the level of incompetence that I have from Optus, my Internet Service provider. For those of you that don’t know, Optus is the second biggest ISP in Australia…so there one of the big boys on the block. My experience has sparked me to write this article and circulate it to as many people as possible as an example of bad customer service and hopefully warn other away. So what’s the story?

I’ve been a good loyal Optus customer for about 15 years and I pay for the highest level of Internet possible. About five weeks ago I noticed that the speeds were getting slower and slower…..which is never good as I regularly do video conference calls etc.

After checking the speed with both the external and Optus Internet speed checks I found that I was getting about 20% of the rate that I expected. This clearly explained why many of my skype calls end up in either me or the other party speaking like a robot!

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