Video - Traffic Monetisation

Video - Traffic Monetisation

This is the final video in the 10th Year of Blogging anniversary series and it covers the topic of Traffic Monetisation. In this video I give my thoughts on the domain monetisation industry, where it has come from and where it is going to in the future.

One thing is clear, if you are doing the same thing now as you always have done then you are leaving money on the table. This is a must watch video if you have experienced a decline in your traffic revenue over the last few years.

Traffic monetisation has become more of an algorithmic process rather than managing your domains via a spreadsheet. I hope you enjoy my thoughts on traffic monetisation and feel free to ask as many questions as you would like.

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GDD and Domaining Europe

GDD and Domaining Europe

So here I am again sitting in the Emirates business lounge at Melbourne airport waiting on my flight through to Madrid and the ICANN GDD domain conference. For those of you that think a 3 hour domestic flight in the US is a long way I would like you to pity me (at least for a little bit) as I begin journey my 24 hour journey. Yes, you read right it is 24 hours.

If you've ever wondered how anyone can survive that long in a flying tin can then let me pass on a few tips. When I finally board the plane I pull out my Bose noise cancelling headphones and assume the foetal position. Eventually I spasm uncontrollably and then collapse into a least until some knocks my head as they walk past in the aisle. This should give you a hint that I'm not flying business class on this expedition.

Flying isn't so much as a joy but something to be endured as you whip around the time zones. The most amazing thing is I often find my body in one location while my mind is several thousand miles away, desperately trying catch-up and jam itself into a new time zone which means breakfast consists of everything you would normally have for dinner.

Enough of my complaining about why am I doing it? GDD in Madrid is a smaller ICANN conference which is focused on registries and registrars rather than lots of policy stuff. I'm looking forward to Madrid and also the conference and more in particular it's going to be great to meet a lot of new faces and say "hi" to some long-lasting friends.

After a brief stop-over for the weekend I then head to Berlin and Domaining Europe. There is one thing for sure.....Domaining Europe continues to grow and Dietmar is one of those affectionate hosts that you just love to see each year. I'm on 3 panels and I have a speaking session at the conference and I'm looking forward to it!

I hate to say it but my flight just got called so I've have to go.

See you all in Europe!

PS. I nearly forgot to mention that Roselyn will be with me on this make sure you say "hi" as she's really looking forward to meeting you all. :-)


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08 May 2017
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Interview with Jackson Elsegood -

Interview with Jackson Elsegood -

As always, it's a pleasure to chat with Jackson Elsegood from During this video we discuss some of the new developments at and a number of features that readers may not be aware.

We then move on to talk about how has recently been awarded a Torch award in business ethics from the Better Business Bureau. This reflects well not just on but on the entire domain industry as an external authority recognises a key company operating in the industry.

I hope you enjoy the interview and find that it's also valuable to get some fresh insight into a key company in the domain eco-system.


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Saturday Musings - Being in a Whirlwind

Saturday Musings - Being in a Whirlwind

This past ten days have been a little crazy in my household. Our son Tim and his girlfriend dropped in for a few days before heading out again with his work. Sarah had her birthday and then moved into her own place and Elise had her car window smashed and bag stolen.

In amongst these personal comings and goings ParkLogic has been rolling out its new Next monetization platform from one client after another. We’ve also been deploying new systems for registries, registrars, and hosting companies to get the most from the domains they manage.

I’m now looking at a coming week where Tim returns for a few days with a work colleague and he’s hoping I can spend some time with him developing a business plan for a new venture.

While I’m doing this Roselyn and I are getting ready for GDD in Madrid and Domaining Europe in Berlin. The cherry on the cake is preparing for three speaking sessions and twenty plus meetings. Somehow amongst all of this I’m signing off on our corporate, trust and personal tax returns. It's going to be a busy week....

I must admit that the thought of the plane door closing as we commence our 24-hour flight to Madrid via Dubai sounds like bliss. With any luck, I’ll have some time to do some thinking rather than just racing around from one task to another like a headless chicken.

To say that I’ve been in the middle of a whirlwind this past couple of weeks is a bit of an understatement…’s been more like a tornado. A strange thing happens when you’re extremely busy…..stuff just seems to get done.

I’ve said this in my blog before, “If you want to get something done then give it to a busy person.” Why is this? Busy people tend to prioritise tasks and ensure that everything is completed. A person with lots of time on their hands will get around to things one day.

I think that it’s absolutely incredible the amount of work that domain investors do to maintain their passive incomes. Responding to sales inquiries, ensuring DNS’s are set, renewals are done and an escrow transaction is complete is but a few of our daily tasks. All the while we're looking around for the next batch of domains to purchase. It can be frenetic and 24 hours per day job.

At the same time, we all need to learn to take some time out. You can’t keep the foot on your life’s accelerator forever without something going wrong. For me, I secretly look forward to long flights as it allows me to write another chapter or two in my next Battleframe book series. I find that I can relax with my laptop while I let my imagination take flight to the background hum of an A380’s engines.

What do you do to relax? What is it that recharges your batteries? Are you burning the candle at both ends as you pour yourself into your business while forgetting why and whom you’re doing this all for? One of the most under rated things that we can all do is take some time out to really think. We seem to be rewarded for doing when in fact it’s the thinking before the doing that brings the rewards.

Stop, right now as you finish reading this article and do some thinking. I'm sure you'll be surprised at some of the creative ideas you come up with.

Have a great weekend!

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04 May 2017
Sounds like a great plan! I can then write more of my next scifi book :-)
04 May 2017
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Video - Domain Sales

Video - Domain Sales

This is the third video in the 10th Anniversary of Whizzbangsblog. In this video explore the topic of domain sales and how you can increase your own domain sales.

I've sold a lot of domains over the years and in this video I discuss a number of techniques I've found that greatly assist in selling. I also begin to open up my thoughts on the future of domain sales and more importantly how to better price domains.

I hope you enjoy this video and I would encourage you to leave any comments and questions for me to answer.

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01 May 2017
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