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Saturday Musings - Simple Solutions

  2.   Personal Musings
  3. Saturday, 17 June 2017
I’ve just been trying to debug a pretty complex program. One screen displayed the error logs, another the database changes while yet another the actual code. For some stupid reason, nothing appeared in my browser when I run the application……it’s safe to say that I'm pulling my hair out in frustratio...

Global Online Trends

  2.   Business Thoughts
  3.   Domain Industry
  4. Thursday, 15 June 2017
I’m a self-confessed data junky. I love my numbers and if they can be plotted on a graph so I can see a trend then so much the better! Domain investors live and die by their numbers. If you ignore looking at the stats then you can miss out on some significant opportunities and take bullets rather th...

The Lure of Social

  2.   Development
  3. Tuesday, 13 June 2017
Over the last year I’ve been watching my daughter, Sarah, as she embarked on growing her social presence through Instagram. It’s been an up and down journey but since social is vitally important for any online business I thought it would be worthwhile picking the brains of my resident expert. ...

Saturday Musings - How do you make decisions?

  2.   Personal Musings
  3. Sunday, 11 June 2017
In this article, I’m going to make myself a little vulnerable as you read about some of my innermost thoughts. I hope and pray, that you respect this as well as receive some additional insight into what makes Michael Gilmour tick. Ultimately, my goal is to hopefully encourage you to think about your...

When Things Really Go Wrong...

  2.   Personal Musings
  3. Friday, 09 June 2017
Monday was not a good day for me. Normally speaking, I love Monday’s as they are the start of a new week and I’m full of unrealistic aspirations of what I’m going to achieve. So what happened to change my typically upbeat positive demeanour? It all started when I looked at my beloved comput...

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