• I remember reading that you should treat each day with your wife as though you are still dating her. As time goes by it is very easy to become complacent and take her for granted. You cared enough to want to share your life with this person, so you should act like it is the greatest honor to share everything with her. Women don't always see things the way men do, and we have to be alert to realizing this. I compared arguing withstanding across a fire from your mate with a can of gas, each thinks they can win, but both are wrong. Apologizing is not giving in, it is being understanding that even though you may be right, at what cost is the win if you hurt her feelings. I found that it is easier to sit and talk about the differing opinions and views, than to try and take back something said in anger. I am no expert at this, just my thoughts on the subject. Bravo to both of you for making it work, hope you have many more years of sharing your lives.

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