My Journey Into Social Media - Part 2


Don't forget to read Part 1 in my Journey into Social Media...

I’d fallen into a marketing trap. I did a market survey of one (ie. me) and decided that everyone must be like me and not be particularly interested in social media.

It’s dangerous to make assumptions that aren’t tested and after I’d detangled myself from my preconceptions I stood back and came to the conclusion I was wrong. It’s like a domain traffic investor believing what they’ve always done is the correct path while they watch their revenues plummet…..they’re just wrong. As Einstein said, if you keep on doing the same thing you’ve always done and expect a different result then you’re crazy.

My conclusion is that Social Media is becoming less and less about plates of food, cats, dogs (I’ve now becoming addicted to these….sigh….) and the like and more about communication and the sharing of emotional experiences. I post articles from my blog because they mean something to me and I want to share them. I also post pictures of Roselyn because I love my wife.

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My Journey Into Social Media - Part 1


Social Media has always been one of those things that I’ve been both intrigued by and ambivalent towards. I’ve always assumed that social media is a complete time waster and a mind numbing parade of cats, memes and people speaking before they think…..then again I could be wrong…..

Up until recently I’ve had the following attitude about social media. I don’t really care what you had for dinner last night. Yes, I’m sure that it was magnificent but unless I’m with you then you’re just telling me how much fun I’m not having. I’m sure Donald Trump is/is not a complete moron but why tell me that? The cats are cute (sigh…..I miss Pepper) and the dog singing a song was clever but I’d rather watch a movie.

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19 October 2017
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20 October 2017
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ParkLogic Next - Part 3


The first two articles in this series discussed the different aspects of the exciting new ParkLogic Next platform. Below is a video that demonstrates a number of the features of Next in the client interface.

Don't forget to catch-up with a ParkLogic representative at the Merge conference in Orlando over the next few days. I'm sure they will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

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ParkLogic Next - Part 2


Part 1 in the series on the new ParkLogic Next platform covered a number of the innovations that have been built into the new platform. In this article, I'm highlighting some of the new features in the client interface that greatly assist in managing a domain portfolio.

On top of the revolutionized backend the ParkLogic team have poured a huge amount of effort into providing a client interface that is full of invaluable easily accessible information. The ultimate goal is to make downloading statistics into Excel a thing of the past. Right in the interface, clients can sort, filter and manipulate their domain traffic data…..but of course, CSV files will always be available.

The dashboard provides a slider for expanded viewing of date ranges and you can even drop trend lines right on a chart. At a click of a button, any data in a graph can be instantly displayed in the table below. It’s all about making the data both accessible and actionable.

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ParkLogic Next - Part 1


It’s not often that I directly highlight what my own company, ParkLogic, has been working on to better monetise domain traffic. This time I’m going to make an exception. We’re really excited to announce that several weeks ago we completed the migration of the last of the ParkLogic clients onto our new Next platform.

Around 3 years ago, based upon all the knowledge we’d gained monetising domain traffic over the previous 8 years we made the decision to completely redevelop the ParkLogic platform from the ground up. At the time we had huge aspirations about the development being a 12 month project but like many things involving technology it took a little bit longer… just over 18 months longer. This was largely the result of an unending stream of awesome ideas!

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