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Interview with Jackson at the Offices


After NamesCon I headed over to San Francisco and the offices of While there I had a chance to check out the offices, chat with the team and interview the CEO, Jackson Elsegood.

In the short interview we discuss NamesCon, the new API and the problems of clawbacks with payment systems such as paypal and credit cards.

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Good interview Michael. Before I go, ever considered posting transcripts to accompany videos?
21 February 2018
I've thought about doing that but it's actually quite a lot of work and times a premium.
22 February 2018
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New gTLDs - Domain Investors Matter!


I don’t know about you but I’m getting really tired of some new gTLD registries treating domain investors as second-class citizens. So how are investors treated in this manner?

It starts with language. There will be statements from registries such as, “We want to see real usage of our extension.” This suggests that domain investors who park a domain or use it for some other purpose aren’t doing so for legitimate business reasons. This is the height of arrogance by the registries!

I want to put registries that speak in this manner on notice that domain monetisation in any form (traffic, selling domains etc.) IS a legitimate business model and to change their disparaging language. In fact, if it wasn’t for the domain investment community many of the registries would be drowning in a bath of red ink……so don’t bite the hand that’s feeding you!

I was recently speaking with a registry and they proudly espoused the fact they had such a large “actual” use of their extension compared to others. When you really think about it what they were saying was that domain investors don’t use their domains. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Domain investors have the right use their domains in any manner they wish. Because a domain doesn’t have a fancy website doesn’t mean the domain isn’t important for the investor. It could be they are in the middle of a negotiation to sell the domain for a premium, monetising the domain traffic, using it for an email address or plan on building it into a profitable business. That’s the owners prerogative and their own business.

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Hi Michael. Good, thought-provoking post, as always. However, I don't necessarily agree that Registries should necessarily change ... Read More
17 February 2018
Jeff, I would 100% agree with you.....that's why I said that some registries behave in the matter I outlined. .CLUB is one of thos... Read More
17 February 2018
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Is Domain Investing Dead?


Many people have come to the conclusion that investing in domains is dead and yet from my perspective the industry appears to be flourishing. The first distinction we need to make is whether you are part of the industry or a customer of the industry.

Over the last few years many new gTLD registries have been stomping the pavement and doing whatever they can to convince investors to buy domains with their extensions. When investors purchase the domains, they are the customers of both their registrar and ultimately the registry.

The registrar and the registry have done their job…..they just convinced you to register a domain name. The ball is now in your court to decide what you’re going to do with it to provide a return on your investment.

It is NOT the registries responsibility to support the reason why you registered the domain. I know this may seem like bad news but the registries do not have a responsibility to ensure you get a return on your investment….that’s your job.

The only time a registry will possibly be concerned is if the net position of new registrations and renewals goes into a negative trend. If this is the case, they will attempt to stimulate demand through advertising efforts, but they are very unlikely to try and rescue your investments.

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Happy to help out Jim. Repeatable revenue is one of the reasons why I like traffic monetisation so much.
13 February 2018
Many thanks for your've been in the industry for a while! I'd love to have a chat with you directly if you have som... Read More
14 February 2018
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NamesCon 2017 Interview


Eric Lyon from NamePros just sent through an interview that I did with Edward Zeiden at NamesCon 2017. It was great revisiting the 2017 interview to see what is still relevant in 2018 and whether any of the predictions came true.

The video also reminded me that in 2018 domain investors need to continue to focus on the outcomes for their investments. Before you buy a domain you should already know which of the four primary business models will be providing the return.

Is the investment a stock item, high value domain, development opportunity or are you going to earn money from the traffic.

I should say that Edward interviewed me again in 2018 and I look forward to seeing that video....I'll post it hear as soon as it's finished being produced. Many thanks to the great NamePros team for all the work they are doing in creating a historical video archive of our great industry.

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Was NamesCon Worth All the Hype?


NamesCon 2018 has ended, attendees are on their way home and the exhibit hall is now all packed up. So was the conference really worth it? Did it deliver for me what I was hoping it would? Most importantly will I fork out my hard-earned cash to journey across the Pacific to attend next year?

NamesCon 2018 would have to have been the best conference I have attended in……well…..since NamesCon 2017. The attendance was about the same as 2017 but appeared a little lighter due to the number of meetings being held in suites. This brings up a really important point.

I judge conferences on not the number of attendees but whether the right people are in attendance. In this case, NamesCon really delivered as I found myself surrounded by people that I was wanting to catch-up with… fact, I ran out of time so my apologies to all those people that I didn’t manage to say "hi" to.

To give you an idea of my schedule, I had an average of 16+ scheduled meetings per day. This didn’t include the impromptu meetings you have at any of the parties, walking down the long hallway or just bumping into someone in the exhibit hall. The right people attended NamesCon and this meant a huge, and I really mean HUGE amount of business was getting done.

At any one time about half the attendees or more were huddled in meetings as they bought or sold domains, did other deals or developed closer relationships that can only be made face to face. The other half were in some excellent sessions as they gained a greater appreciation of just how flexible domains could be or how cryptocurrency and the blockchain will impact their businesses.

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