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What’s New With


As domain investors know, for many years has been providing a critical part of the domain industry ecosystem. The trusted independent link between buyers and sellers have enabled many investors to complete secure transactions for their domain sales. So what’s new with

While I was traveling through Europe at the end of October I received an email from announcing that they have now released a completely updated API for public beta. I knew this major upgrade was clearly going to be the platform upon which other products and services could be built.

For example, the new API potentially means websites, marketplaces, classifieds sites, shopping carts, and mobile apps can have escrow services built directly into them. This opens up a huge range of potential new clients for that is much broader than their traditional business clients.

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50% Discount to NamesCon 2018!


Yes, you read the above heading correctly. Whizzbangsblog has secured a 50% discount for readers wishing to attend NamesCon in Las Vegas at the end of January. This is a discount of up to $500 on a standard ticket and even more for VIP tickets.

NamesCon is being held at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas from the 28-31st January 2018. It is regarded as the premier domain conference in the world and if you are a domain investor or part of the domain industry it’s a not to be missed event.

As well as attending NamesCon I will moderating the first day’s proceedings and taking a session for titled “Data Mining For Revenue With Registries and Registrars”.

I took an early version of this topic last year and it was standing room only. Now that we are twelve months down the track I have a lot more data at my fingertips so I can assure you this will be a data filled practical session on how to increase your revenue.

So how do you get the discount code for buying a ticket? It’s really simple, just login to the Domainer’s Network here and message me (you may as well friend me in the process) that you would like a discount code. I’ll then send it on through to you. It's that easy!

Once you’re registered, don’t forget to check out the NamesCon event in the Domainer’s Network and let people know you’re attending. This will help you arrange meetings and get the most out of the conference.

See you there!

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The Big Issues in the Domain Industry – Part 4


In this article I’ll be addressing the final domain business model, traffic monetisation. As well as being valuable to advertisers, domain traffic drives many of the opportunities received from potential domain buyers. Contrary to popular opinion, traffic is the lifeblood of the domain industry…..not domain sales.

One of the keys to greater domain sales is to leverage your domain traffic. If you sell all your traffic domains, then expect there will be a commensurate drop in domain sales. In Part 1 of this series I discussed using your traffic for your own sales rather than providing it for free to the marketplaces and have it potentially result in another person’s sale.

Traffic monetisation is a way to generate additional funds to cover renewal costs and contribute to your profitability. Many people wrongly believe that traffic monetisation is dead. It’s not. I personally know of many people that earn thousands of dollars a day by focusing on building their domain traffic portfolios. For those of you that disagree….I’m happy to have a chat about purchasing your traffic domains.

The major difference between traffic monetisation and domain sales is traffic monetisation tends (not always) to generate less revenue per domain but that revenue comes in month after month. Domain sales tends to be very lumpy and unless you have a very large portfolio it’s difficult to achieve a consistent income – this also makes planning exceptionally difficult.

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The Big Issues in the Domain Industry – Part 3


I’ve seen so many domain investors look at their domains and have delusions of grandeur with building them all out. A huge amount of money has been sacrificed on the developmental altar with very few people being successful. So why is this the case?

I want to say up front that there is no such thing as developing a domain name. Too many people believe that if they have the right domain they can just build a quick Wordpress site and voila! The masses will arrive and make them rich. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Platforms such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Wix etc. are fantastic at solving many of the technical problems associated with development. What they don’t solve are the business problems.

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The Big Issues in the Domain Industry - Part 2


In this series of articles, I’m endeavouring to identify some of the big issues the domain industry needs to tackle through innovation. For the last number of years, the industry has largely been stagnant in many of the business models being employed by investors and I believe it’s time for this to change.

In the previous article I looked at a couple of innovations for selling “stock item domains” and in this article, I’ll trying and provide some thoughts around selling “high value domains”.

The new gTLD domain extensions have created a scenario where we have a massive supply of domains. Regardless of your feelings about new gTLDs, having the same overall demand and a massive supply will tend to depress prices by providing additional options.

Just think about this for a minute. If you are a marketing director of a big company and someone offers you a .com domain for $500K or a new gTLD for $10, which would you take? They could essentially spend an additional $500K in marketing efforts and be in a net neutral position. Many marketing directors would believe their marketing efforts (ie. their smarts) are making the domain popular and not the other way around.

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