Saturday Musings - Three Vital Aspects of the Truth


Whether it be with work colleagues, clients or even family members building relationships can be one of the most difficult, time consuming but fulfilling activities you can do. Let’s assume we are all telling the truth….so what do we do when we discover someone is lying?

Truth is a Perspective
Over the years, I’ve seen so many people accuse their friends and even family members of lying. Sadly, it’s almost with a sense of glee that they pounce on a perceived untruth and fling it in the face of a loved one. I have no idea why some people like doing this….after all, aren’t they accusing someone they care for?

Here’s a good lesson. Always remember that truth is a perspective and when you are looking from the outside at another person’s life you may not know the full details of the picture. Because you believe you’ve caught a person in a bold faced lie doesn’t mean that it’s true…..

I recently received an email from a person accusing me of a whole lot of things….none of which were true. They’d leapt to a huge number of conclusions based upon an external perspective and without knowing the actual facts. The challenge for me was how to respond to the accusations in a manner that I hoped would be received. This leads into the next topic…..

How to Share the Truth
Here’s the catch with the truth…..huge amounts of damage can be inflicted on relationships when the truth is shared in a negative, rather than a positive manner. It’s very easy to shove the truth in someone else’s face but much, much harder to share it in a way that it will be received.

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My Business Success!


As many readers already know I’ve been relating my efforts of attracting birds to my yard to starting a new business. In the last article in the series I wrote about trying to develop a new market vertical for my burgeoning bird business. So how’s it going?

Like any good entrepreneur I tried a number of different techniques to attract clients to my offering. Applying the marketing principles of product, price, placement and promotion I began testing the market and then evaluating the results.

My wife had given me some bird seed (ie. the product) for Christmas as a present and I scattered these liberally across the lawn and in the feeder. The result, pigeons. I have nothing against pigeons but they weren’t the market I was trying to reach and to be frank with you….they are complete pigs and ate all of the seeds.

This is similar to a new business taking a scatter gun approach to marketing to see if there are any bites on their product or service. More often than not, you get a lot of tyre kickers that talk a lot, don’t buy and waste your time.

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Analogy good. And Lorikeets and Cockatoos - fab!
11 February 2018
I must admit that I'm having a great time watching the birds out my window..... :-)
12 February 2018
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What Are You Doing With Your Time?


Time is often viewed as the ultimate commodity but is it? Other than our last day on this planet we all have exactly the same minutes in the day as each other. It’s my birthday today and I find myself thinking about what I’m doing with my allotted minutes and whether I’m doing the right things with them.

Iin an interview at NamesCon I passed on a number of things that I do before and after the conference to maximise the use of my time. I have a mental image of it costing me about $100 per hour whether I’m asleep or awake to attend a conference. This means I’d better be very careful with how I allocate my time.

I like to have a mixture of meetings at an event like NamesCon. Some will be with existing partners and clients while others will be with people I’ve never met before and potential relationships. The goal is to have a meaningful conversation with each person and to make the best use of my time.

In the end I averaged 18 scheduled meetings each day and had countless other spontaneous discussions during the evening or walking up and down the lonnnnnggggg hallway. The conference was a huge success for my company, ParkLogic, with many more people coming onto the new Next platform.

This is great for a conference but what about now I’m back home? What do I do with my time and how do I keep a sense of balance?

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Happy late Birthday, Michael. Hope your day was a nice relaxing one. I would have added that you need some Me time with just you ... Read More
16 February 2018
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Saturday Musings - Dealing With Bullies


I was looking out my study window this morning and enjoying watching a family of birds as mum responded to the constant chirping of a youngster with a tasty morsel. All at once two slightly larger birds from a different variety swept in and began attacking the youngster.

The parents defended their child and a few friends flew in to help drive the bullies off. It wasn’t very pleasant viewing, but it reminded me of a number of things about the behaviour of some humans.

Bullies come in all shapes and sizes, but their ultimate goal is to control those around them. When they act alone they pick on the perceived weak or a person that is in no position to fight back. When they act as a group they will inevitably demonstrate their power and influence publicly, so they can intimidate others into submission.

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You have to be especially careful when dealing with a bully in the workplace. The last place I worked for had a horrible one, and... Read More
14 January 2018
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Saturday Musings - New Market Vertical


Last year, some of you may remember that I set myself the challenge of launching a new business. Although it was a significant challenge I managed to attract enough customers to make it worthwhile and it’s continued to expand with a whole flock of repeat clients.

For the past week or so I’ve been working diligently on opening a new market vertical. Attracting new clients from a different market vertical is taking a much bigger investment than I thought but I’m determined to reach them.

If you remember from previous blog articles, the first incarnation of the business involved positioning a bird bath in the garden outside my study window. It took quite some doing but after moving it around and laying out some bread crumbs I’ve managed to attract a number of bird families as my first clientele.

The photos below can testify to the success of my existing venture….but I wanted the business of me enjoying watching the birds from my study window to expand.

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FYI, Parrots (and most tropical birds) tend to love fruit. You might have much better success laying some fruit slices out in a d... Read More
07 January 2018
After all you have drilled about doing research to make attracting new clients easier and more cost effective, I would be surpris... Read More
09 January 2018
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