Saturday Musings – You’re not going to believe what happened…

Saturday Musings – You’re not going to believe what happened…

Just over a week ago I’d published an article, went to bed and enjoyed the peace that only comes when everything seems to be good. The next morning I awoke to discover that two things had happened in a perfect storm.

The first was that my personal server had been hacked and with laser precision all of my websites, backups, configuration files and system had been eradicated. Trust me when I say that I had a LOT of protections in place but seriously, this was like a guided missile.


The second thing that happened was that the primary hard drive in my server began to fail. I say began to because sometimes it was there and sometimes it wasn’t. I have a second physical hard disk in my server that I keep all my backups on and that was working just fine except this was hit by the hackers.

Some people have asked me about offsite backups and I answer this in two ways. It’s a personal server….and have you ever had to restore a 500 Gig backup over the wire from your home? It will take about 3 weeks just to transmit the data. Needless to say, I’m exploring “other options”.

So what was the end result of all of this? I lost everything on my blog from about February onwards. I would like to apologise to all of you that have signed up and have to do so again…..sorry about that. I would like to appeal to anyone that has any of the articles on either the “Domain Association” OR “Selling high value domains” as I would love to get them back up as I think that they were really ground breaking.

So what else have I done? I’ve reworked the site, updated the look and feel and I’m in the process of adding a lot more features. Despite the amount of work involved I’ve had a lot of fun rebuilding Whizzbang’s blog from scratch. I’ve also enjoyed learning about security, setting mail servers, database integrity, apache and PHP configurations. There’s nothing like getting your hands back on the tools. :-)

So thank-you to everyone that has been patient with me over the past ten days. If you notice anything not working then please let me know. In particular I would like to thank all of the sponsors. Each of you have been outstanding in your support.

Right now, I think that I’m going to take a rest and get back to finishing my science fiction novel…’s up to the fifth rewrite!

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Climbing the Ladder

Climbing the Ladder

Over the years (gee I’m sounding old!) I’ve spoken to many business people that have climbed to the top of the ladder of success. Not surprisingly, when you talk to them they generally fall into two groups, those that are happy and those that aren’t.

The ones that are happy seemed to have attained a balance in their lives of having time for work and time for family and friends. They still have a spring in their step and a twinkle in their eye, they’re fulfilled in their lives.

The unhappy ones may have lots of money in the bank and worldly possessions but when they look around they no longer have a great relationship with their children and true friends are not to be found. Many of them try to buy a relationship with their kids by giving them incredible gifts when all their children want is some of their time and love. When these people finally reached the top of their ladder they found that it’s leaning against the wrong wall.

Getting a life balance is so important if you actually want to be happy and fulfilled in your own life. I’ve been married for nearly 27 years and have been incredibly blessed to have an amazing wife and three wonderful children that can put up with me. I have definitely not been perfect but I’ve continually tried to make decisions that are positive for my family in everything that I do.

Some of the things that I’ve found have been useful for me is that I work really hard during the week and on the weekend it’s rare that I do anything. I have a complete break. Your body and mind need a rest, they need to recuperate and recharge but more than that your family needs you.

I try and pay attention to the little things. Who likes what special treat? We create family times with everyone… one is allowed to not attend. Dad has a special meal that he makes that’s fun! Even though they are in their later teens and early twenties both Roselyn and I insist on getting a kiss or a hug good night each and every night. It’s a ritual, but it cements the relationship with our kids every day and reminds them that we love them.

I love the ladder of success but more than that I love being on the right ladder. Think about what you can do for a loved one today……and then…….just do it!

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Stop Crying and Make Money

Stop Crying and Make Money

Sorry if this is a little bit of tough love but seriously…’s probably the best advice some of you could ever get.

I’m always amazed at the number of domain owners that get incredibly emotional about their domains and make economically irrational decisions. I hate to say this but domains are not your children, they don’t care if you sell them, you can monetise them anywhere and more than that they don’t care what price you sell them for.

Let’s unpack one level of thinking that is surprising……“I’m going to place all my domains with parking company X because the salesperson is my friend.”

For a start, my experience at ParkLogic has shown that no parking company wins more than 25% of the traffic at any point in time. This means that if you place ALL of your domains with a single company you are losing AT LEAST 75% of the time! This is a fact and one that has years and years of data behind it.

It’s great making friends with your account manager but I hate to burst the bubble, that person gets paid for the traffic that you bring them. The question you have to ask yourself is, “If I moved all my traffic away from them would they still want to hang out?” The last time I checked, I didn’t have to pay to have a friend so the answer should be yes.

Remember that business is business and you owe it to yourself and your family to do whatever you can to maximise your revenue.

I’m getting really tired of going into the various forums and seeing the complaints about PPC revenues declining. Many of the same people that complain keep on doing the same thing year after year with their domains and yet expect a different result. Einstein said that this was the definition of insanity.

My daughter just passed her driving license test the other day and is looking to buy a car. She found a great car but it was a little out of her price range so she came to Dad for help. I looked her in the eye and said, “Honey, you have six weeks to earn an extra $1,000 for your car. Put your creative thinking into action and stop coming to me for the money and start earning it yourself.” Literally within a few hours she’d solved the problem.

If you’re one of the complainers then get off your backside and make some creative sensible decisions about your domains. Don’t do the same thing as you’ve always done and the spend half your life on the forums whining about how the industry is going down…’s not going down but with an attitude like that it is for you.

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Saturday Musings - What's your passion?

Saturday Musings - What's your passion?

It’s an interesting question but it’s one that I ask my kids all of the time. My daughter recently graduated from high school and has now enrolled in university….yes, I’m a VERY proud father. In discussions with her she kept on talking about what job would pay the most so that at the end of uni she would earn a packet! I kept on saying, “Sarah, do what you enjoy and the money will come.”

So the question I ask you is, “What’s your passion?”

One of the biggest challenges that I find that I face in the domain industry is that there are so many opportunities and great ideas that it’s easy to forget what you actually really like doing. Although earning money is an important part of life it’s only just a part not the whole.

I love the domain industry and domains but I don’t try and do everything with every one of the domains in my own portfolio. To be quite honest with you there are only a few of them that I actually get excited about…..and they are the once that I slowly develop. The rest of them I let ParkLogic take care of and I rarely spend any time worrying about them.

I had a conversation with a domain investor the other day who was really good at finding great traffic domains but really bad at managing them. He loved the sleuthing around and building systems for finding the gold in all of the dirt but hated actually managing them afterwards. To cut a long conversation short…..we now manage his portfolio and he goes and finds the domains. He loves it and his life has improved dramatically!

So across this weekend I encourage you to ask the question, “What’s your passion?” Once you have the answer, make decisions to follow it.

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Polar Plunge for Special Olympics

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