Domainers Network Update


There’s been a flurry of activity on the Domainers Network with individuals joining groups, making friends and doing some business together. I’ve always wanted to create a social network for just domain investors and those in the domain industry and now it looks like it’s all coming together.

If you are a part of the Domainers Network you will also see a lot of articles, videos etc. posted from research that I’ve been conducting on a wide range of topics. Anything from ICANN news right through to cryptocurrencies….if I think it’s an interesting read then I’ll post it in the Network. I would like to encourage others to also post interesting articles that they find as well.

You can view the list of public groups by clicking on the menu item....also anyone can create their own group and set it to be either public or by invitation only. For instance, I’ve just added a public group called Crypto-currencies as a place to post and discuss anything about cryptos such as bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple etc. After creating the group I then posted a poll question asked whether Bitcoin is going to go above $25,000?

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Domainers Network Groups


It’s been great to see more and more Domain Investors and industry leaders joining the Domainer’s Network. It’s great to see Jeff Sass from .CLUB, Howard Neu from the Merge Conference and many others now onboard.

I’m already finding it really useful to drop in quick thoughts about the domain industry and business into the activity stream. They aren’t fully fledged blog posts but are snapshots about something I may have read online.

For instance, I grabbed a screenshot of the number of the total number of gTLD registrations and posted a comment on it in the gTLD Group. I was also reading an article posted by Matt Barrie, CEO of Freelancer and posted this in the Entrepreneurs Group.

Groups are a core part of the Domainers Network and can be either private or public. Members can create your own groups and invite people to join them in a discussion on a particular topic or they can join other public groups. They can also post videos, share photos, polls or create discussions that are only visible to Group members.

The Group organiser can make announcements to the whole group or even automatically pull in relevant RSS feeds, so the Group members can automatically be kept informed in all the latest news. For instance, I just setup an RSS feed to be displayed in the new gTLD Group for all the latest announcements from ICANN on new gTLDs.

Don’t forget you can also invite friends to join a group. I’m a firm believer that it’s through the collective collaboration of everyone that we can become more astute domain investors. Over the years, I’ve been ever so grateful for sound advice that has helped me make prudent domain investments.

Make sure you check out the Domainer’s Network

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Ok Michael, you've reactivated my interest on this one. Info sharing between like minded people engaged in similar interests can... Read More
17 November 2017
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The Domainers Network


I don’t know about you, but I’ve been getting increasingly frustrated with managing all of the different social networks for all my different websites and profiles. What I really wanted was a totally separate social network just for domaining and have it related to topics that are JUST for domainers.

After a bit of work, I’ve now setup the “Domainers Network” on Think of it like the Facebook for the domaining community…..and ONLY for the domaining community.

You can do a lot in the domainers network, such as, being able to create and completely control your own public or private groups. I’ve already created a number of groups that you can join, they include; New gTLDs, Entrepreneurship, Selling Domains and Traffic Domains.

You can also add events to the domaining calendar (I’ve added NamesCon, WHD and the ICANN events) and with a click you can indicate you will be attending one or more of them. It just makes it so much easier to coordinate meetings if you know who is attending a conference!

Of course, you can always upload photos, videos and audio files that relate to domains. Everything is published to the “Activity Stream” so other members can see what’s happening. For example, every time I publish a new blog it appears in the activity stream.

There’s a LOT more functionality to the platform than just the above. What I’m really interested in is feedback and whether you feel it’s meeting a need in the community…..or maybe I’m the only one that’s experiencing social network entanglement :-)

Check Out The Domainer’s Community

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Kudos for all you have done and do for the community, Michael. I have always valued what you share. I don't think the solution t... Read More
13 November 2017
Hi Frank, Thanks for the feedback.....I think it needs a few more tweeks to get it under control. :-)
13 November 2017
I agree that NamePros is awesome but what I'm trying to create is something quite different.....think of it as replacing Facebook ... Read More
13 November 2017
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10 Year Blogging Anniversary

10 Year Blogging Anniversary

Well, I can't believe it that today is the day of my 10 year blogging anniversary. I would like to thank all those readers that have been so encouraging across the last decade. You have inspired me to keep on writing.

To say thank you to the entire industry I'm giving away a free downloadable copy of my book science fiction book, Battleframe, on Amazon. Click here to download your copy. Due to Amazon constraints, this giveaway is only available on the 8th and 9th April. I should mention that I wrote this book while travelling to many domain conferences and not surprisingly the central characters name is Whizzbang.

I've also recorded the above video where I share about some of  whizzbangsblog's history and why I decided to start writing. I hope you enjoy watching it and don't mind the enthusiasm I continue to have for our industry.

As a part of the 10 Year Celebrations I plan on releasing quite a number of new videos across this month that will cover a wide range of topics. So tuned tuned!

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Way to go!
07 April 2017
Hi Michael, I've enjoyed your blog over the years. Like you book too. Keep it up!
08 April 2017
Congratulations! ... Read More
08 April 2017
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Being Grateful At Christmas Time

Being Grateful At Christmas Time

I love Christmas! It’s a time where my family comes together and we celebrate with great amounts of joy, laughter and of course, food. It’s a wonderful season that is full of love.

A couple of weeks later we throw a Christmas party where the house is filled with both our kids and our own friends. It’s a bit crazy in the rush leading up to the event but everyone has a great time with way too much food on offer!

For about the last twenty years the whole family heads into the Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne on the 23rd December for the Carols by Candlelight practice. When we first started going there was about a hundred people camped out on the lawn listening to famous singers rehearse for the big event that is nationally televised the following night. The practice has now grown to around 20,000 people who have a great time with their families singing along to the various carols.

After the carols Rosleyn and I put together the ginger bread house that was cooked earlier in the day so that it’s ready to decorate the next morning. Since the kids were little they’ve had the joy of decorating the house with candies….I think more go into their mouths then on the house. LOL! Now that Tim’s nearly 23 nothing’s changed other than his girlfriend is pitching in to help out.

Today we head across to my parents for lunch, who live not far away, for a traditional Canadian Christmas meal in honour of the nine years that we spent in that great country. So as well as being Australian I have a fair slice of Canadian in me that makes me want to put some ice skates on and sing “Oh Canada”! The whole wider family will be at my parent’s house so I expect it’s going to be bedlam at present time. All good!

We all roll back home and for dinner for some good wine, fruit, cheese, crackers and a slice of ham. Each year, as a family, we always read the Bible’s account of the first Christmas to help remind ourselves of the true meaning of Christmas. It’s not “happy holidays” but “Merry Christ’s mass”.

After this special family time, we all put our individual sacks around the tree, one for each member and anyone else that is staying with us for Christmas. Each of the kids have had the same uniquely decorated sacks for Christmas since they were born. We all then stuff the sacks full of presents to one another….the rules are that you can’t touch any presents in your own sack until the next morning.

I must admit that I’m like a big kid on Christmas Eve and I get so excited that the next morning I’m the first to get up (around 7am). The first thing I do is make a cup of tea for Roselyn in a cup that is only used on Christmas morning each year. The second thing I do is put on Frank Sinatra singing Jingle Bells and other carols. We only play that on Christmas mornings as well.

Now that they are older I end up waking up the kids for a great time of gift giving, laugher and fun. Afterwards we have a special Christmas breakfast that involves a magnificent parfait made by Tim and then we head off to Roselyn’s parents for Christmas lunch and more presents…..we don’t even want to think about the calories of all these meals!

Boxing day is more family activities, relaxation and this year we may even head down to the beach for some sun…one of the nice things about living in the southern hemisphere is that it’s hot at Christmas.

Amongst all of the frivolity I like to stop and be grateful for all of the blessings that life has brought me. For all of the team at ParkLogic who have put in so much work over the last year, my wonderful wife, children, wider family and friends. For the many friends around the world that I’ve made through the domain industry and the ones that I’m yet to make. I’m going to be particularly blessed this year as Roselyn is coming to NamesCon.

I’m also blessed to have had such great sponsors of Whizzbangsblog this year. Companies such as, .club, Karen Bernstein, Namejet, The Domain Conference, Stevan Lieberman and others have made it possible for me to continue to write articles that endeavour to dig out the nuggets of gold that help improve all of our businesses.

I am very fortunate to know so many great people and to be blessed by their friendship. We mustn’t forget that there are also many people that are less fortunate and look on Christmas as a time of sadness as it brings back memories of lost loved ones or other such traumas. If you are one of these then my heart and prayers go out to you.

Lastly, I would like to thank the many readers of whizzbangsblog. Throughout the year you have continued to inspire me to write with your comments, emails and many skypes. I look forward to catching up with many of you at NamesCon and online in the coming year ahead. In the meantime, have a very Merry Christmas and a safe New Year!

Michael Gilmour


Michael Gilmour has been in business for over 32 years and has both a BSC in Electronics and Computer Science and an MBA. He was the former vice-chairman of the Internet Industry Association in Australia and is in demand as a speaker at Internet conferences the world over. He has also recently published his first science fiction book, Battleframe.

Michael is passionate about working with online entrepreneurs to help them navigate their new ventures around the many pitfalls that all businesses face. Due to demands on his time, Michael may be contacted by clicking here for limited consulting assignments.

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