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For Heaven's Sake! Be Professional!

For Heaven's Sake! Be Professional!

There is a massive difference between a business relationship that you have with suppliers versus partners. Many domain investors view their registrar, brokers and traffic monetisation providers merely as suppliers of services. They then go ballistic if anything goes wrong and lash out at anyone that is convenient.


For a start, do not assume that the other person on the end of the skype call is out to defraud you. My experience has been that the vast majority of the people that work in the domain industry are honourable individuals that are trying to put food on the table for their families. So dial back the angst and be nice.

I’ve heard of parking company account managers getting absolutely abused and sworn at by customers for the smallest of things. It’s amazing the stories you will hear if you just sit at the bar at conferences….. To be quite honest with you, I’m stunned at the behaviour of some individuals.

If something really does go wrong, then the best advocate you have is your account manager! Look after them, be polite and work with them when there is an issue. We all work in the technology industry and quite often at the bleeding edge so things WILL occur from time to time. It’s called, “Stuff happens….so get over it.”

Get it out of your head that parking companies are out to steal your money and they have a secret stash of margin ferreted away. In this highly competitive environment any company that behaved in this manner just wouldn’t survive……just think about it for a second, those companies that have behaved in this manner are now closed.

I don’t really know of any company that tries to defraud customers by playing with their revenue share. I’m not saying that this doesn’t happen but I’m not aware of it. There may be rogue individuals that try things on from time to time but they get quickly dealt with.

Also, given that ParkLogic’s algorithms route traffic to the winner at that point in time it’s really pointless trying to play with revenue shares as the traffic just automatically migrates away. As I said to one parking partner, “You will get precisely how much traffic you deserve.” I wasn’t being mean….I was just stating a fact.

When something goes wrong (and remember it will) then contact your partner (ie. account manager) and work with them on the problem. I can almost guarantee there will be a time when you need to ask a favour for some special assistance and let me assure you that those people who are pleasant are more likely to get the answer “Yes”.

It’s all about communication….discuss any issues in a respectful manner with your business partner. The communication must also be transparent. If something has gone wrong, then your business partner needs to openly discuss this and the resolution/compensation that will be provided.

If your business partner tries to hide what really is the core of the issue in question, then my advice is to move on. Whether they are a monetisation provider, registrar or someone else there needs to be open and honest communication so that all parties can take remedial action.

So take a deep breath, keep calm and be professional so that you can grow your business with close reliable partners.


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Friday, 27 April 2018