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NamesCon Wrap-up

NamesCon Wrap-up

I’m writing this while I sit in a coffee shop at McCarran Airport in Vegas with my family. After the last few days at NamesCon the coffee I’m sipping feels so good and in my near stupor I find myself pondering why it doesn’t come in syringes.


Like many of you, I found NamesCon a trial of endurance with four days of back to back 30 minute meetings followed by a brief respite with my pillow each night. And this is why it was such a great event.

I’ve never conducted so much business, secured so many agreements and made so many new contacts. NamesCon was where 1400 plus Internet entrepreneurs gathered together from all over the world to do business and not just have a talk fest.

It was great having my family with me on this trip and I want to thank everyone for making them feel so welcome. They loved NamesCon because they didn’t feel like outsiders thanks to your smiles and warm conversation. Sarah and Elise, also had a chance to see their Dad in action in meetings and at a couple of presentations…..which was pretty cool!

I personally believe that you only need 30 people at a conference because that’s about the limit to the numbers of people you can have meetings with. The challenge for the conference organisers is to make it the right 30 people. NamesCon was a bit of a problem.

There weren’t 30 people but easily over 100 that I thought that it would be great to connect with. The result….massive overload of opportunities. In military parlance, it was a target rich environment. This is exactly why NamesCon will continue to grow and expand under the new owners.

I would like to thank all those people that took time out of their own busy schedules to meet with me. For those of you that I didn’t get a chance to catch-up with I really do apologise…..leave a message here so we can connect on skype.

For all of my friends in the industry that I’ve made over the last 16 years….I’m really sorry that we didn’t get time to catch-up. I feel like many of us kept on passing each other in the long hallway (boy was it long!) as we sped to our next appointment.

So what’s next? For me, it’s an afternoon of sleep and a couple of days at Disneyland with my family….my flights just been called so I’d better go!

Take care and safe travels.

Lieberman and Greenberg

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Sunday, 20 May 2018