On My Way to Fort Lauderdale

On My Way to Fort Lauderdale

Do you ever feel that domains have a tendency to get into your blood. Your calmly watching the television with your wife and before you know it, you're reaching for your phone to register a domain that was inspired by some character in an episode of "Big Bang".

Like me, you've probably been denying your secret (or not so) addiction to domains for quite some time. When I believe that I've finally freed myself of their clutches, they reach out from the most surprising of places to get me to register just one more.


For example, this week I was reading the newspaper (I do this a couple of times a year) and found that my Aussie rules football team was playing at none other than "Domain Stadium" this week. For those that don't believe me I took a snap shot of the paper for you below. Just for the record.....Hawthorn is going to win by a huge margin :-)


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