The Hidden Opportunities in ccTLDs


In the rush into the new gTLDs many domain investors have almost forgotten about the ccTLDs. The country codes are full of incredible domains that are in many cases still available at registration fee. The question we need to ask is why?

There is one thing for certain, most ccTLDs have neglected marketing to the domainer community. When you consider that around 30% of registered domains are owned by investors the lack of focus on this market by the registries is at their loss. In addition, domain owners that aren’t keeping an eye on the ccTLD market segment are missing out on a fantastic opportunity.

I remember attending one of the very first TRAFFIC conferences and one of the things that struck me about it was that it was incredibly .COM centric. No one was talking about any of the other extensions….in fact, they were often regarded as being irrelevant.

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Good post M.
31 August 2017
I really like .US domains. to date, I think that it's been treated as the poor cousin of .com. City names with .US at the end work... Read More
31 August 2017
Great're exactly right in saying ccTLDs have a purpose.
02 September 2017
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