Freddy Schiwek - Domain Sales


Frederick Schiwek, the CEO of Domain Invest, has asked if I’d write about him selling a number of top domains from their very large portfolio. I don’t normally do this but decided to make an exception for Freddy and here’s why.

I first met Freddy well over a decade ago at a Traffic conference being held at the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas. Some of you may remember those conferences. the domain industry was jumping and over 700 people paid top dollar to attend the conference....and party all night long. It just so happens that Freddy and I bumped into each other at the end of one of the sessions.

You know it’s providence when you have an Australian and a German (who works out of Luxembourg) meet at a conference in Las Vegas, America. A few things immediately struck me about Freddy; he was old school and understood the basic Internet building blocks, his enthusiasm was infectious, and he had an insatiable drive to learn.

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