Buying and Selling a Traffic Portfolio - Part 6

Buying and Selling a Traffic Portfolio - Part 6

In the previous five parts in this series I’ve covered a lot of ground on how to better buy and sell a domain traffic portfolio. In this article I’m going to expand upon the “Domain Risk Index” (DRI) which is a tool that helps you make better buying and selling decisions.

We developed the DRI as a domain and portfolio analysis tool a number of years ago for ParkLogic clients. In summary, the Domain Risk Index (DRI) mashes together about twenty different metrics to produce an index between 0 and 100. Zero represents HIGH risk investment and 100 is a NO risk investment.

The various metrics are weighted according to their impact on an investment’s return. Investors are typically interested in stable returns and the index allows them to gauge the amount of risk that they would like to take on.

What we then did was take a large sample of domains that statistically represents the Domain Industry and graph the results on a chart over time (orange line above). The blue line represents the ParkLogic account owner’s performance on the scale.

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