Saturday Musings - What Will You Be Remembered For?

Saturday Musings - What Will You Be Remembered For?

There’s nothing like a funeral to remind you about your own mortality and what’s really important in life. At 2pm today I will showing my support for a lady that lived her life, not for herself, but for others. She was an amazing person who showered those around her with love and compassion even though she herself was in great physical pain.

It’s so easy to get so caught in being busy that before you know it the years have slipped away and you stand at the precipice of the afterlife. When that moment finally comes, you can’t take all those toys and trappings that you’ve worked so hard for with you….they all just fall to the wayside.

What we can do is decide how we will be remembered. A great partner? Fantastic father? A person of great ethics and moral fortitude? Although we cannot influence the afterlife we can have a dramatic impact on those we are leaving behind. How will they remember you?

I don’t know anyone that wants to leave a legacy such as, “He made lots of money or has 50 house investments.” Although those nothing wrong with those pursuits most people would rather be remembered for who they are, not just what they have accomplished.

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