ICANN Dublin

ICANN Dublin

Once again I’ll be heading off overseas to meet up with a gathering of individuals that are entirely immersed in the world of domains. This time my trek leads me to the fair land of Ireland and a people that seem to sing their words rather than speak. This is a fact that my wife absolutely loves about the Irish!

So after a short hour or so visit to Dubai and twenty-four hours in a flying tin can I’ll arrive in Dublin. After surveying the conference agenda, the first thing that has struck me about ICANN is the crazy number of acronyms. I’m a programmer and also a private pilot and let me assure you that ICANN has managed to surpass even these two noble pursuits with the number of abbreviation they inflict on everyone.


A classic example is on Sunday. I’m trying to work out whether I should go to the GAC, ICG, RySG-CEO TLDs, GNSO or ALAC sessions? Of course there is always the ccNSO or ccNSO SOP or BC-BRG as options as well. Seriously???? It looks worse than my kids texting their friends!!! I must admit that there is one session that looks particularly good…..”lunch break” J

So why am I going to be attending ICANN? It’s really simple, ICANN is a place where business gets done. It’s full of potential ParkLogic clients and the information that you can pick up from talking to individuals is nothing short of brilliant.

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