Interview with Eric Lyon - NamePros Moderator

Interview with Eric Lyon - NamePros Moderator

Eric Lyon is one of the moderators at domain industry forum NamePros. In this video he shares some advice for old time domain investors as well as newbies to the industry. He also talks about Scorpion agency, his design and brand management company that works with clients all over the world.

I hope you enjoy hearing from one of the very special people in our industry as he shares from the heart his thoughts on domaining.


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NamesPros Interview at NamesCon 2016

I had a great conversation with Kevin Fink, where he interviewed me at NamesCon 2016 on behalf of NamePros. I really enjoyed the interaction and look forward to chatting with the NamePros team again next week.

We cover a wide range of topics, from domain traffic monetisation through to sales and the impact the Chinese economy was having on the domain industry.



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Are you doing the interviews again this year?
16 January 2017
Great - I sent an email through asking when would be a good time for another interview. Tuesday is looking good for me.
17 January 2017
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