Sneak Preview of ParkLogic Next

Sneak Preview of ParkLogic Next

At the recent Domain Conference in Fort Lauderdale, ParkLogic released a sneak preview of what we are calling “ParkLogic Next”. We will be publishing a series of short videos featuring different aspects of Next over the weeks leading up to Namescon in January. It's something that we're really excite about!

About 18 months ago, we made the big decision to rebuild our entire platform and infrastructure from the ground up. This was one of the best decision that we have ever made. With nearly a decade of accumulated knowledge and experience from extracting the full value from domain traffic we are on the cusp of releasing what we believe is a ground breaking domain platform.

We had a number of goals in designing Next:

  1. Informative – you can now view different aspects of your data at the click of a button. Everything from Excel like filters to adding trend lines are at your fingertips.
  2. Actionable – you can make decisions from the data before you.
  3. Fast – we don’t want clients to have to wait for extended periods of time for their data.

With these three goals in mind we have now released a video outlining some of the features of the Next dashboard. The entire dashboard has been built by accessing our own API which empowers clients to also easily integrate their own variation of the Next platform into their own systems. There is no custom secret code....everything is in the API and accessible to clients.

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