NamesCon Update Video

NamesCon Update Video

NamesCon founder, Richard Lau, provides an update on the preparations for NamesCon in 2017. Everything from his recent travels through to speakers and sponsors are covered.

Attend NamesCon 2017 at a fraction of the final ticket price of $999. Register now to save big with our "AlwaysThankful" $399 promotion which ends November 16.  And in respect of Veteran's Day on November 11th, any ticket purchased on Nov 11th will result in a $200 donation by NamesCon to Veterans Village in Las Vegas. (

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Video - NamesCon Founder, Richard Lau

Video - NamesCon Founder, Richard Lau

In this video, Richard shares some of his background and how he became a domain investor. He then moves onto his passion for the Water School, a charity to helps save lives. He also discusses the beginnings of the first NamesCon and where the huge domain investor conference is headed into the future.

The video is full of personal experiences, adecdotes and insightful thoughts about the domain industry. Richard is one of those special individuals that is willing to take the time to help others in their life's journey.

I hope that you enjoy this video as much as I did in talking with Richard.

I should mention that there has been a correction to the NamesCon discount code mentioned in the video. It's actually "AlwaysThankful". This code provides $200 off the registration price and will expire midnight on November 11th.

Click Here to Go Directly To the NamesCon site with the code applied.

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