Selling Domains Part 3 - Moving the Stock

Selling Domains Part 3 - Moving the Stock

I was asked in a forum what I mean by stock-turn domains. These domains are typically multi-keyword names that have a price tag of around $1,000. Like a supermarket selling low-margin goods, the aim the domain investor is to increase the number of domains they sell each year. So what are some things you can do to increase the number of sales of stock-turn domains?

There are some really basic things you can do. For a start, make sure that you have correct whois information with your contact details. Lots of buyers use this information to contact sellers and you can end up having a lot of very frustrated buyers out there if your details are incorrect or out of date (ignoring the fact that ICANN requires correct information).

There are two main markets where you can sell your domains. The first is the wholesale market where you are selling to other domain investors. You’re not going to get the best prices in the world here as they need to make a margin when they onsell the domain to an end user. The advantage of the wholesale market is you typically don’t have to educate it on the value and importance of a domain name.

The retail or end-user market is a little different and I would suggest that you have a selection of stock-item domains in a number of discreet market verticals. This will then allow you to target prospective buyers and potentially upsell them into higher value domains.

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