Making Money From Selling Domains - Part 1

Making Money From Selling Domains - Part 1

So you’ve been looking despondently at your domain portfolio and wondering how to make any money from it. To date, you’ve done a few sales but generally speaking there’s nothing really exciting in the pipeline. So let’s take a look at a few things you can do to get some activity happening.

Let’s imagine you have around 1,000 domains. You’ll probably find that around 5% of them make their registration costs from traffic revenue. By being a little smarter you can probably push this to 20%.

What do I meant by being smarter? Stop trying to work out who is going to pay the most for your traffic by yourself and send the domains to professionals that do that all day long. Not only will you get paid more but trying to do this yourself is a complete waste of your time. Optimising traffic and squeezing the most out of it is a professional skill that takes massive servers and expertise…..unless you have that then give it to someone else to do.

I’ll make a generalisation here but out of the 1,000 domains there are probably 50 that can be priced above $10,000. Set these domains aside a projects in themselves. I’ll come back to them in a future article.

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