Saturday Musings - Who's On Your Team?

Saturday Musings - Who's On Your Team?

I was watching my daughter, Elise, play netball this morning. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the game, it’s like basketball but without dribbling or a backboard behind the net. As I watched the game unfold and the players run around the court it reminded me to think about who are the players in my own domain team?

If you really want to win the game and run a business that’s really profitable then there will be different people and organisations that add value to your endeavour. One of the most critical players would have to be your registrar. Having a good relationship with your registrar is vitally important when things go wrong.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a problem I was having with Enom, which I use as one of my registrars. After banging my head against the wall over a problem I had to make the difficult decision to move many of my domains away to Epik (who is now sponsoring my blog). Credit must be given to the product manager at Enom that reached out to me at the last minute to help resolve things.

So why did I choose Epik? As well as a great interface the most important factor was because the founder, Rob Monster, is proactive in dealing with things immediately and is always available on skype. So Epik is now becoming a part of my team.

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