Heading to the Land of the Rising Sun


As is my tradition, I'm writing this blog while sitting in the Qantas club at Melbourne airport. Where am I off to this time? As the title of the blog suggests, I'm traveling to Tokyo, Japan.


It's been a long time since I was last in Japan and I have many fond memories of the amazing country. Last time I was working with the Australian and New Zealand embassies in Tokyo and my wife and I discovered the wonders of Japanese food.

Prior to heading to Japan on my first trip I remember hating seafood......but I discovered that if you don't eat seafood in Japan then you'll basically starve to death. By the end of my trip I found the Japanese have an almost magical love affair with all things that grow in the sea and the way they cook them all up left my mothers style of boiling everything to until it was a soggy mash for dead. So yes, I'm looking forwrard to the food on this trip.

As you would expect, there is a lot of business to be conducted in Japan......and I've found it's largely virgin territory for many in the domain industry. Yes, there are some big domainers that make there home there but I've found there's still a LOT of opportunity.

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