Personal Musings - Travel Tips for the Frequent Flyer

Personal Musings - Travel Tips for the Frequent Flyer

I’ve just completed reviewing my travel plans for the next six months and it looks like I’m going to be doing a lot of international flying. This is good because it means more business but bad because I’m away from home. So where am I going?

Date Reason Destination
Sept 4 – 7 DomainFest Asia Macau
Sept 26-29 The Domain Conference Fort Lauderdale
Oct 18-22 ICANN  Dublin
Dec 31 – Jan 7 Vacation (Yeah!) Queenstown New Zealand
Jan 10-13 Namescon Las Vegas


As you can see the second half of the year is going to be pretty busy. I really don’t know what happened between NamesCon in January this year and DomainFest Macau…..nothing that I attended. Seems to me there is an opportunity for a conference to be organised around May.

I love catching up with all of my friends at the various domain conferences around the world but what I really don’t like is the journey. Being from Australia, every flight is well over 10+ hours and sitting in a tin can for that long is never fun!

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