Saturday Musings - Who Are You?


Ask yourself a simple question, “Who are you?” It’s one of the most unnerving things you can ever do. It’s one of those questions that forces you to look in the mirror of your own life and face the reality of who you are.

The Star Wars movie trailer, “The Force Awakens”, had a voice over that asked the main character the question, "Who are you?" Not surprisingly, it was never answered but with any luck it will be in the next installment of the blockbuster franchise.

So many of us define ourselves through external factors such as our job. When asked “Who we are” we respond with, “I’m a lawyer or teacher or even a domain investor”. These may be what you do but they certainly do not define “who you are”.

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Unfortunately in America Black people will still be judged by their color in the south by bigots that still are everywhere. Thank... Read More
10 December 2017
Well done Rawgi. It's great to look in the mirror and like what you see.....there is no greater reward in life.
10 December 2017
Thank you Michael, that means a lot. I feel blessed that i had the opportunity to meet some really nice people, like you. I appre... Read More
11 December 2017
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