I first started writing Whizzbangsblog about seven years ago after noticing that there was a real need in the domain industry for a blog that took a very analytical look at domains. I was very flattered to receive positive feedback on many of my articles and this spurred me on further to develop the site into what it is today - a community of domainers that each contribute to the overall knowledge of the industry.

Michael_Gilmour_100A number of people have asked me why my blog is called "whizzbangsblog"? When I was a kid (a few years ago) my nickname was whizzbang in all the games (both computer and board games) we played. I naturally carried over this name as my pseudonym when I first signed up to the many domain forums and it wasn't long before whizzbang really stuck. So in essence whizzbangsblog is the result of my childhood and a bunch of friends that started it all!

I've just recently completely upgraded the whole blog and it now has a complete community area for domainers to be able to share their experiences and thoughts on domaining. Feel free to take part in what I hope will become an exciting part of the domain industry.

Since first embracing the Internet back in the early 90s I've maintained a passion by associating myself with outstanding people in our great industry. Through the various conferences, skype conversations, IMs, emails etc I've learned an incredible amount about domains from people just like you and for that I'm eternally grateful. I hope that you find the articles on whizzbangsblog enjoyable, interesting and above all thought provoking. I would be a real shame if we agreed on everything, after all it's from differences of opinion that we learn.


Michael Gilmour