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Saturday Musings - From Pain to Gain

Saturday Musings - From Pain to Gain

There’s nothing like a reworked root canal to stop you dead in your tracks. This week, through the auspices of my dentist, my body decided to take control of my mind and laid me up in bed with waves of headaches. To say wave’s makes it sound like they were lapping on the shore….it would be better to describe them more as tsunamis.

There is a good side to all of this. As well as a lot of sleep (got to love those pain meds) it gave me time to reflect on a multitude of vitally important topics. Such as, why the education system will teach my children calculus but not how to manage money. The next step in improving the sales of my book. Why the rain against the window seemed incessantly loud.

In my delirium, I also contemplated why the dog in the first episode of “House of Cards” didn’t bite Kevin Spacey’s hand and give him rabies. How many jelly beans fit into the glass jar in the cupboard above my desk? Why is it that terrorists seem to keep on wanting to blow things up versus build something that lasts?

As you can see, my thinking was solving life’s big issues.

After a couple of days of dealing with the world’s problems I then began to really think….I mean for real. The question that I have rattling around my now settled down brain is the same one that’s always there, “How to earn more money from extremely valuable domain traffic?

So the question I have to ask you is when was the last time you really thought about this? I find that many domainers park their domains with low expectations with very little thought about the company they are working with. Guess what? Their low expectations are absolutely met...

I’ve come to the fundamental realisation that domainers just don’t like change. Change is a hassle and takes work. When you really think about it, the only person that really likes change is a baby with a soiled diaper…..and they scream through the process. So it’s not surprising that domainers don’t like change either.

What blows me away is the number of people that complain about a declining PPC market….and still don’t change. I have one thing to say to this group of people, stop complaining and make a change. If you have seen your traffic revenue decline over the last 12 months, make a real change! I can tell you right now that the data proves that just hopping from one parking company to another isn’t change at all….you’re just shifting the chairs on the deck of the Titanic.

So make a fundamental change in the way your business operates. Outsource your entire domain management and focus on building real websites with real customers and real products that they want. Stop trying to do both things badly.

Get your domain sales in the hands of a competent broker and outsource the whole lot. Buy back the time to really think about your business back. Work on your business not in your business…..for goodness sake stop jumping in the forums to complain about how things are down.

If you want real change in your life then go to the dentist and get a root canal done. That will give you a headache that will make your business problems pale into insignificance…..and you can get some pain meds that will make everything seem soooo muuuuch beeetttterrrr.

If you want to get energised about your business then give me a call…..being an Australian, I won’t beat-around-the-bush and I’ll tell it to you plain and straight. Cheers!


Michael Gilmour has been in business for over 32 years and has both a BSC in Electronics and Computer Science and an MBA. He was the former vice-chairman of the Internet Industry Association in Australia and is in demand as a speaker at Internet conferences the world over. He has also recently published his first science fiction book, Battleframe.

Michael is passionate about working with online entrepreneurs to help them navigate their new ventures around the many pitfalls that all businesses face. Due to demands on his time, Michael may be contacted by clicking here for limited consulting assignments.


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Tuesday, 25 June 2024
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