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On My Way to Fort Lauderdale

On My Way to Fort Lauderdale

Do you ever feel that domains have a tendency to get into your blood. Your calmly watching the television with your wife and before you know it, you're reaching for your phone to register a domain that was inspired by some character in an episode of "Big Bang".

Like me, you've probably been denying your secret (or not so) addiction to domains for quite some time. When I believe that I've finally freed myself of their clutches, they reach out from the most surprising of places to get me to register just one more.

For example, this week I was reading the newspaper (I do this a couple of times a year) and found that my Aussie rules football team was playing at none other than "Domain Stadium" this week. For those that don't believe me I took a snap shot of the paper for you below. Just for the record.....Hawthorn is going to win by a huge margin :-)


Seeing the fact that my team was playing at "Domain Stadium" I was sorely tempted to registered only to discover that some other domainer had beat me to the punch. This is probably a good thing given that fact that it's likely to be trademarked.

This morning I've started my journey to The Domain Conference in Fort Lauderdale....nothing like 26+ hours door to door to remind you that you were once alive. My wife kindly got up at 5:30am and we headed out to the airport. That was when I noticed the following:


Seriously! Domains and domaining is EVERYWHERE! I secretly wondered whether ICANN was getting a fee per car as they passed through the "Domain tunnel".....I would think that this is not just likely but given. Afterall, ICANN is the expert at clipping a few cents off millions of transactions each year.....why not broaden the catchment to cars?

So despite my best efforts to go cold turkey and be free of my secret addiction I'm finding that I'm inadvertently sucked back into the vortex that make us all domainers. One of the great things that I do love about domains is that unlike the "white powder" addictive substances my bank balance seems to increase rather than decrease.

So while I sit in the Qantas Club in Melbourne waiting for QF93 to be called I want to ask you....are you as addicted to this industry as much as me? If you are then upload some photos of you being hounded or show them to me on your phone when I arrive in Fort Lauderdale. I'll need to see something after going 26+ hours without Internet access......right now......I've just got to get my fix and register one before I board.

See you at the Domain Conference!


Michael Gilmour has been in business for over 32 years and has both a BSC in Electronics and Computer Science and an MBA. He was the former vice-chairman of the Internet Industry Association in Australia and is in demand as a speaker at Internet conferences the world over. He has also recently published his first science fiction book, Battleframe.

Michael is passionate about working with online entrepreneurs to help them navigate their new ventures around the many pitfalls that all businesses face. Due to demands on his time, Michael may be contacted by clicking here for limited consulting assignments.




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Monday, 05 June 2023
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