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Business 101 - The Inspiration


I’m a firm believer that everyone is born with a spark of creativity inside of them. It’s the energy that spins the dynamo and as children causes them to dream big wonderful dreams. As we age we often start getting “sensible”, stop dreaming and life backs us into a corner of mediocrity when we were meant to soar like eagles!

How many times have you shared an idea with a work colleague to find you’ve become the butt of everyone’s jokes? Or maybe it’s been your parents that tell you to just knuckle down and get a job as that’s going to be your future…..when deep down inside you want to do something else. I’ve met so many people that have had their dreams smashed before their eyes and they end up crawling back to the weekly grind they despise.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a job, especially if the other option is to not have one at all. The question each of us needs to ask is whether we have a secret desire to do something else? Yes, it may be a business but like Richard Gere’s character in the movie “Shall We Dance” it could be to dance. It could also be to do something quite different.

Every day I like to keep track of what’s happening in the areas of science and technology and it just so happens there was a program on Artificial Intelligence on the television. It approached AI not for the pros and cons but the impact that AI is and will have on the future of employment. Basically, there is no job that won’t be dramatically changed or even made redundant by AI. There is one thing for sure, the normal life that our parents have taken for granted is about to change.

A fundamental difference between AI and humans is our ability to think creatively. What this means is AI is going to push people back to their spark of inspiration.

For those of you that lament the fact that you just can’t come up with any ideas to earn a living from, you may have to get in touch with that inner child. Here’s an idea. Go and get a blank piece of paper and some paint. Dip your hands in the paint and begin drawing with them on the paper…..remember the fun of finger painting?

Before you write comments about how much of an idiot I am, if you get the paint out you’ll be surprised at how much fun you have and how quickly the creative juices get flowing.

For many years I used to take executives from top 100 companies through a two-day training course I developed on Creativity. There was a recognition at the top executive level that the pathway to ongoing success was not via number crunching (as important as that is) but through the creative ideas of people. Some people found the days very challenging while others were right in their element.

At the end of the course, we would often have a big sheet of paper full of ideas for improvements or new products that needed further exploration. It was a real privilege to see a bunch of “serious” executives getting messy with the creative side of their brains as they spawned some amazing ideas.

Most businesses move through slow step-by-step evolutionary improvements of their products. I must admit this drives me crazy as what we should be looking for is the transformational improvement. In terms of domains, I’m not satisfied with a 1% improvement in earnings…..what I’m constantly seeking is triple digit improvements.

I find I’m a bit like Edison creating the light bulb. Those ninety-nine possible solutions didn’t work so I know their not the right direction……but around the corner may be tungsten and light in a glass! This then went on to transform society.....maybe, just maybe their will be a great solution to massively improved domain earnings. As I like to say, "Watch this space.....I'm still working on that!"

One of the biggest problems I wrestle with in my business life is having enough time each day to pursue all the amazing opportunities. All around us are incredible ideas just waiting to be built into successful enterprises… what’s the problem?

The problem is that many of us have forgotten how to see opportunities. I hope this article inspires you to start to think a little outside the box and take the first tentative steps towards a new, exciting life.

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