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Saturday Musings - Business Training...

20190112_hiking Training for a hike is just like business.

The other day I was out training with my wife and a couple of friends as we hiked through the Silvan forest in the Dandenong ranges. It's all a part of the training for a 5-day hike of the Milford Track on the South Island of New Zealand at the end of February.

Our friends had selected this day’s hike, and all was going well. Sure, we had some gentle ups and downs but even with a 5Kg pack on my back I thought it was more like a walk in the park. After about an hour of tramping through the wilderness we came to the base of a hill where the track effectively went straight up…..gulp!

When I say straight up, I mean at about a 50% angle. After about 100 meters I thought I was going to die. I couldn’t seem to get enough oxygen into my lungs and I would have been quite happy to sit down and “look at the view” for about ten minutes or so.

Up until this point I’d been going to the gym on a regular basis and Roselyn and I had been doing regular walks on relatively level ground. Being tested with the hill was quite a shock to the system as I realised that there was a new level of fitness that I needed to achieve. It was at this point that it started drizzling.

There was only one thing to it…..put up with the drizzle and just press on. But like they say, what goes up must come down. The other side of the hill was the equivalent downward stretch that tested my knees and proved to me that the tear in the meniscus in my left knee was either healed or about to rip again. I decided it was better to find out on this walk then on the one in New Zealand.

All was good with the knee and about halfway down the hill the rain came on in earnest. So rather than the pleasant cooling drizzle we were now hiking in a torrent…..which made the downward trek a little more challenging.
A few hours of ups and downs and we finally made it back to the car, drenched but feeling rather pleased that we'd completed the journey.

Running a business is very similar to training for a hike. There will be ups and downs and at times you may even want to give up as a torrent of criticism or circumstances is aimed at you and your fledgling enterprise.

Often, if you persevere you will get to the other side and reach your goal. No one will be able to take away from you the elation of that achievement. I wish you all the best in your own business journey and may you be ever so successful… the meantime, I think I hear my wife calling for me to join her for another hike.

Have a great weekend!

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