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Getting the Most from NamesCon

20190113_NamesCon NamesCon 27-30 Jan 2019

NamesCon has become the domain industry’s premier conference and without a doubt the place to be if you want to do business in the domain industry. A conference like NamesCon can be a little daunting at first and getting the most out of the event is often the result of good planning rather than luck.

I thought I’d share with you how I approach NamesCon and get the most bang for effort.

  1. Have a clear objective in mind. Sometimes this can be to collect information, meet certain people or make a particular deal. Whatever it is make sure that it’s top of your mind.
  2. Check out the agenda and lock in all sessions that you want to attend. With the calibre of speakers at this years NamesCon, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are quite a number that will add value to your business.
  3. Check the attendee list on the NamesCon App. Make appointments with people you’re wanting to catch-up with well beforehand. Don’t just “wing it” as everyone is busy at NamesCon and you may discover that the person whom you are wanting to meet has a full diary. They aren’t blowing you off….it’s the reality of a conference.
  4. I typically get up at around 7am for a breakfast meeting at 8am. I then schedule meetings every hour in the time zone of the conference….this is REALLY IMPORTANT! Since people are flying in from all over the world there is only one time zone that matters…the conference time zone. So get familiar with scheduling meetings outside of your local time zone.
  5. Typically speaking the registration desk is the only place that is fixed and always present at a conference. Logically, it becomes the default meeting point. I recently had someone say, “Let’s meet at the Tropicana”. Awesome! Where???? It’s a big hotel. Don’t mess up meetings by not being clear where you should meet.
  6. Schedule meetings at the start of the conference first as this will allow you to catch-up with people that you “bump into” later on. Quite often, international travellers will be at the conference a day or two earlier than when the event starts. Setup meetings with them during this time as it will save you space in your schedule during NamesCon itself.
  7. Take notes in all your meetings! After the tenth meeting everything just become a blur so make sure you take notes with what you’ve committed to follow-up.
  8. Reserve the evening for some socialising and meeting different people. A couple of things though….you can’t have a reasonable conversation with someone if the music is too loud. At best, you’ll be able to suggest meeting the next day.
  9. It’s very rare that good business deals are conducted with drunk people at 2am. It’s far better to get a good night’s sleep then try and do a deal with a person that won’t remember you the next day.
  10. Whatever you do, walk the exhibit hall! This is a must do activity as the people manning booths in the exhibit hall are WANTING to do some business. The challenge is to sort out whether what they are offering matches with what you are seeking.
  11. On the last night of a conference I like to relax and get together with a group of people who are prepared to leave business at the door. Deals that can be done have already been done so my goal is often to catch-up with old friends, talk about our families and have a good time together. There’s a lot more to life than business and I personally find this time really rewarding.
  12. On my journey back home, I refer to the various business cards, my diary, and notes to put together a conference summary report. I find this focuses my mind on the opportunities and what I’ve committed myself to while providing members of the ParkLogic team a snapshot of what was achieved while I was away. This also provides a quick list of all of the people I need to follow-up.
  13. If I feel up to it, I will often email all the people I’ve met at NamesCon while on the plane flying home. When I land and connect to the Internet, all the emails will be sent out and I then need to think about following them up.

There’s my hitlist of what I do before NamesCon. If you are attending NamesCon and have a domain portfolio you’re wanting to monetise then reach out to me and we can setup some time together. As many of you know, I not only write WhizzbangsBlog but I’m also the co-founder of ParkLogic. We’ve been monetising domain traffic for over a decade….and we’re still here so we must be doing something right 😉

NamesCon, Slot Machines and Getting Ready!
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