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Saturday Musings - There and Back Again...


Once again I find myself at Melbourne airport waiting for my flight…..but this time there’s a big difference. This time I’m heading to New Zealand to hike for five days with Roselyn and a couple of friends…’s going to be awesome!

While “walking” through the airport Roselyn constantly admonished me to slow down. I don’t know what it about airports but my legs seem to operate faster than normal as I weave my way past families and travellers that view walking to the gate as a part of their holiday.

I should say that traveling with other people is an educational experience for me. I’m used to doing whatever I can to speed my way through security and immigration but with others who are in holiday mode it can be a little bit of a challenge.

For example, my wonderful wife (whom I deeply love) forgot she had a bottle of water in her bag so she experienced the joys of a security officer rifling through her personals. The officer then forgot to return her boarding pass and so she had to go to the gate early to get another one.

For those of you that are wondering…..I’m about to hike from Queenstown to Milford Sound. Think of this as four hobbits on a journey across the Misty Mountains. It should be magnificent.

So now that I’m at the airport what I have learned about myself? That I’m actually a really bad grumpy traveller that has flown waaaayyyy tooooo much and I’ve forgotten what it means to be on a holiday. Hopefully across the next few days I’ll rectify both of those.

Speaking of which… flights just been called.

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Guest - JP on 24 February 2019

Have an awesome journey! Excited to hear all about it.

Have an awesome journey! Excited to hear all about it.
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