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Domain Industry Update – Week 11

20200528_state_week11 Are the corporates about to rush back?

A lot happens in a single week! The data coming through in this video is riveting as it’s likely tantalizingly shows the beginnings of an upwards trend for the normalized RPM across the board. This is all good news for domain investors.

I’m beginning to think about what the world is going to look like over the next few months. I don’t think we will experience the classical downward trend due to the northern hemisphere summer.

The reason for my thinking is that due to COVID-19, everyone that still has a job has likely burned much of their annual vacation time. This will mean they will be hard at work trying to save their business or keeping the company they work for afloat. This year will be a different one for the domain industry as well.

I would suggest that rather than the typical 15% summer downturn there is going to be a 5% upward trend as the impact of the small to medium sized business that have rushed online will be augmented by the return of the large corporates. It will be interesting to see if my predictions will come true.

In the meantime, check out the video, as it’s full of great stats that will help you plan for your business over the coming months.


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Tuesday, 25 June 2024
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