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How to get energized

20200830_energizeyourself Getting energized when you're feeling flat...

This week started off like most weeks. I found myself launched out of the starting blocks, full of energy and ready to tackle the challenges before me. It ended in me feeling pretty flat as I wrestled with the problem of how to keep myself energized.

So what happened? Due to poor quality traffic we had to close a client’s account down and they took exception to this by jumping on the forums to disparage ParkLogic’s good standing. Here was the problem, the more I defended the more I would have to reveal about our anti-fraud practices…..which would mean the fraudsters would get smarter.

This tensions between defending myself and revealing too much took it’s toll. So late on Friday night I did the most sensible thing I normally do when I feel like this….I went and got inspired. At 4am Saturday morning I was brimming with excitement and thinking about all the great possibilities of our great industry…..this video is on what I did to make this transformation.

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Monday, 04 March 2024
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