Saturday Musings - A Day in the Life of Michael Gilmour...

What do you do each day?

I’ve had a number of people ask me what my typical day looks like and in this article, I thought I’d open up about the life and times of yours truly. So how many hours do I work, what do I do and how do I manage all the various demands for my time. I would like to say it’s easy, but the reality it’s not.

Each workday I’m up at 7am and spend about 20 minutes reflecting about the different aspects of my life and thinking about big issues such as character. Don’t picture me sitting cross legged on the floor….I’m more likely in a comfortable chair staring outside and doing some serious thinking. I find this time very refreshing and gets me centered on what’s important.....what I don't want to do is climb the ladder of success to find it's leaning against the wrong wall.

About 7:20 I then dive into a topic I’m interested in. This may be reading a book, watching a Youtube video or studying something online. I typically use this time to get a picture of what is happening in the broader business/economic/political environment. For instance, would COVID-19 impact the domain monetization industry was something that I started researching back in January.

At 8am I’m checking ParkLogic’s daily numbers. I do this every day and zero in on any issues that I think may be problematic for a partner or client that the rest of the team needs to investigate. It could also result in things such as an idea to improve results for clients.

After this, I check my email, skype messages and the like. Any additional issues are identified and forwarded on to the person most suitable to take that task on. Any client/partner tasks are added to a tracking system we have built in SalesForce…..I really don’t like to forget issues.

I then examine my own “things to do list” and allocate time for those I plan on doing that week/day. My typical things end up being as varied as clients, business development, legal work, administration, marketing or even technical development.

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