Saturday Musings - Being Grateful

What are you grateful for?

We have so much to be grateful for. From the mundane turning of a tap to see water pour out of the faucet to our friends and family.

In this world of the 24-hour news cycle it often feels like we are being deluged with bad news. This video is about good news. I share some of the things that I’m grateful for in my life. I have some good news for you. It does something to your soul when you share with others what you’re grateful about… also inspires others to do likewise.

COVID-19 may be the fodder of the media empires, but the stuff of life is all around us in our relationships with one another, our jobs, hobbies and the fact there is food on the table. This is good news and we must not lose sight of this fact.

I would encourage you to reflect on what you’re grateful for in your life. In fact, don’t just reflect, share with others here in the comments or on my Youtube video comments.Don’t hold the love in, share it with us all and then pass on the video. Hopefully you get the sense that there is at least one Australian that wants to hear good news rather than the endless bad news we see to be fed.

Have a great weekend.

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