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Were you at Names?

During this past week I had the privilege of releasing the weekly Industry Update at NamesCon Online. I must admit that the online conference far surpassed my expectations and the sessions and networking opportunities were awesome….even if I was up from 1am-5:30am each day.

I thought I’d re-record the presentation I did at NamesCon as it also included a few things prior to the usual weekly statistics. What the first few slides really highlight is just how much the domain monetization industry has changed over the years as more and more innovation is driving greater returns from traffic.

I would like to thank the entire NamesCon team for putting on a great event. Also, it was great catching up with old friends and meeting some great people that I know I’ll refer to as friends in the future.

Here is a PDF file of the presentation I did at NamesCon.

Let me know your thoughts on NamesCon. What was good, what could be improved and most importantly, what you got out of the conference that’s going to impact your business.

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