Nespresso Customer Disaster

Nespresso - Giant coffee maker misses the mark.

After over 12 years of drinking Nespresso coffee, I decided to upgrade my machine and that’s when my story started going downhill. In this video I outline how Nespresso missed a great customer service opportunity by turning an evangelist into something quite else.

Big corporations need to grasp the concept that in this day and age of social media that no amount of marketing dollars can overcome the voice of the individual. So, I decided to create this video about how the Nespresso customer service fundamentally failed a person that was formally an evangelist for their company.

These are a few of the customer service lessons I would recommend they consider:
1.    Ensure the team knows the products they are supporting.
2.    Understand customer value.
3.    Individuals now have power
4.    Bad experiences have lasting impact.

I would encourage all readers of my blog to share this video with others as it’s a great lesson in what NOT to do in this day-and-age with customers.

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