I want to hear from you.

I want to hear from readers.

I’ve been blogging/vlogging for over a decade on everything from domains through to my own personal life journey. Sharing my knowledge and experience with others is one of the many pleasures in my life. What’s even more exciting is when I hear from a reader or viewer….

I would like to invite you to provide me some feedback on what you would like to hear me share about. Is it different aspects of the domain industry? I’ve been an entrepreneur for nearly 40 years, would you like to hear me share on that topic? How about managing the balance between business and life?

So don’t be a lurker, comment, skype, email, IM or send a carrier pigeon to my house. Send me a message about what you think would be a great topic to hear about.

Have a great Easter!

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26 December 2021
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